Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Dough is The Way to Go!

My two-year-old is growing by leaps-and-bounds. Every day, he’s ready to shower us with his new words, expressions, ways of doing things. And yes, he is into PlayDoh-type of sculpting. A LOT! Clementine Art modeling dough is one of his favorite past times.

For the past two months, he’s been sculpting nothing, but balls. Small balls, big balls, green balls, and of course Blue balls (as Blue is his favorite color.) His little fingers roll those balls carefully and meticulously, adjusting the size, the corners, mixing colors.

I do the best to buy chemical free, non-toxic art supplies for my child. This year, we discovered Clementine Art. For several months, my baby has been using and re-using Modeling Dough by Clementine Art. No crumbling of this crafting material so far. Actually, they guarantee the quality of modeling dough for 12 months if stored in their containers. Good news: It’ll be for a while until our modeling dough expires!
Oh, the natural scent extracts of lime, lemon, strawberry add more interest and curiosity to any child’s play.

After sculpting done, my boy usually lets newly created balls dry out in the open. When the play dough balls become hard and bouncy, he lines up a colony of Tonka trucks that tow all big balls, small balls, blue balls, All the balls into the storage area, consisting of empty plastic jars. That’s where all the balls are stored.

It is fun and funny what my child comes up with. His new creations bring an amazement within my soul. Grow up, Little One, expressing yourself! And yes, Clementine Art Modeling Dough is an excellent addition to any little sculptor’s art supplies collection.

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