Friday, April 2, 2010

Prevent Animal Cruelty – Go Orange in April 2010

Please support ASPCA efforts by Celebrating the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. This April, Go Orange for Animals!

This campaign started four years ago and has enjoyed a tremendous success among the animal lovers. With our joined efforts, we can make the lives of animals in every town, village, city of this country better, safer, and happier.

Here are the specific steps you could make this April to show your support to the Animal World. And make a difference.

Snap a Photo – and Win a Prize
Send your photos of yourself and your pets wearing orange to ASPCA. The best 10 favorites will be awarded unique prizes and featured on the ASPCA website.

Throw a Party!
Become an ASPCA Ambassador and create your grassroots event in your community.

Show Your Virtual Support
Post information about the Go Orange Campaign on the pages of your Blog, Facebook, Website. Twit about it. Talk about it anywhere online!

Show Your Support to Local Animal Shelter

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