Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Not Eat: Rule 5 to Control Your Appetite

One more thing about big meals. Or no meals.

When you don't eat, "saving your calories" for the next meal, you're not fooling your body. You are just playing games with your mind.

When you skip a meal, so you can feel better about eating the next one, a bigger one -- your body knows. It slows your metabolism just enough to compensate for the skipped calories. So, you are already in a zero-sum calorie game. You really haven't "saved" anything.

Then when you do eat, you will end up with low blood sugar just before you eat again. Now you get a double whammy. First, you are unreasonably hungry. You eat too fast, you eat too much, and you throw down the highest calorie food in sight. And you can't help yourself. You know you are doing it, but you do it anyway.

Second, your body, knowing you may starve it again soon, says to itself, "Hey, Self, this dummy that is feeding us is doing it sporadically. So, let's just save the next 300 calories we eat, and store them as fat. That way we'll at least have some fat around to tide us over when we don't get fed on schedule."

Meanwhile your metabolism is still depressed, so you have some extra, unused calories to dispose of at your next meal. Guess what your body does with that? Can you spell "F-A-T"?

Hmmm. Skip a meal. Lower your metabolism. Eat more. Store as fat. Overeat. Store more fat.

Makes sense, this skipping a meal business. The perfect prescription for a person successfully trying to gain weight. Anyone want to get on that plan?

How Do You Control Your Appetite?
Conclusion 5: Don't Not Eat

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