Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eating More Plants Means Higher Antioxidant Levels

Your body is designed to consume a lot of nutrients you are not getting in your regular diet. It knows when it needs those missing nutrients. And when it is not getting them, your body tells you in the only language it knows:

  • Your body says, "Eat more food - perhaps I'll get what I need from your next meal."
  • Your body says, "Crave this food - perhaps I'll get the specific nutrient I really need right away."
  • Your body says, "Eat now - even if you're full, because I'm not getting what I need."

Hunger and cravings are your body telling you to feed it a much wider range of nutrients. When you succumb to your body's insistent demand for more nutrition, you consume more calories than you really need. And you gain weight.

Adding more food groups into your daily diet does a wonderful thing. First, it increases the intake of nutrients by the body. Second, it adds more disease fighting properties to your internal system. A greater variety of plants adds a higher antioxidant level to your body.

It is so easy to add extra vegetables to your salad, and some more fruit to your smoothy! Do it for your health! Do it for a smoother skin, and silkier hair.