Monday, March 5, 2012

Zoobies Epidemic Never Ended

Zoobies Pet
It’s been  several years already since the Zoobies Pets commenced their winning march across this nation. Zoobies won hearts and minds not only of children, but of the adult population as well.

Zoobies Pets never stopped at where they started: With an unzippable blanket tucked inside the animal shape.

Zoobies grew and matured into the industry of elaborate colors, textures, characters, collections of different animals that keep to inspire babies, toddlers and even older kids alike.

Zoobies are Fun.

Zoobies are Versitile.

Zoobies are the Brand of Choice.

You’ll never be tired of these innovative blanket holders! Why?

Zoobies are available in 4 Varieties:
  • Blanket Pets --> Perfect for your toddler
  • Slumber Pets --> Snuggle with your own sleeping Zoobie bag
  • Blankie Babies --> Amazing comfort companions for babies
  • Storytime Pals --> Entertaining for hours with a Book and a Zoobie Pet in arms
Zoobies keep intriguing us every year with innovative characters and luscious fabrics.

You could ask what keeps them going. The answer is simpler than what you might think. The Zoobies Team is made of people with passion and dedication. Such come with unique talents and ideas. And no matter how old you are or become, Zoobies are destined, in my humble opinion, to inspire and create a world of comfort for our children.

Viva Zoobies!

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Disclosure: Celebrate Woman received product(s) from Zoobies company to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy, eco friendly, and life-enhancing products.