Monday, March 26, 2012

Winners for Mega Giveaway Walk & Work With Style

What a Great Lucky Day for All These Winners!
All the winners have been verified and confirmed.

Sony Wi-Fi Cameras, 2 Winners:
#65303 Jennifer Lewis

"This really could not have come at a better time for us. My husband and I have been struggling a bit lately, and haven't been able to replace our old video camera (which has been giving us so many problems we hardly bother with it anymore). This camera will get a LOT of use, as we've been trying to keep an online diary of our daughter as she grows for family (my husband is from the US, so his family doesn't get to see her very often). This is such an amazing gift you've given us."

#47963 Dawn Wallace

I will use it with my family and probably video tape our off-roading adventures!!!
I'm so excited thanks so much!

Kingston Wi-Drive 32G, 2 Winners:
#39071 Debi Briggs 

"How exciting! I'm currently between portable devices, and have been considering trying out an iPad or other Apple product - this might just make up my mind for me! I have just moved to another state, and will be starting a new job in the near future, and am just basically starting a new life after several years of discord. One thing I've discovered - being basically homeless for a while - is that it is extremely difficult to keep up with your "important papers" and things of that nature. This will be a huge help in that regard, as well as allowing me to keep copies of the photographs I treasure near by." 

#33126 Lacey B

"This is so awesome, lucky me! Thank you for the opportunity!I'm happy to have won this.... Honestly who wouldn't want storage for their data? Again this is awesome, thank you again!"

Sportswatch with Rhinestone Bezel, 4 Winners:
#58414 Tonya Thibodeaux
"I intend to give the watch to my friend for her upcoming birthday! Thanks for the giveaway."

#29135 Jodi Frasier
"I love this prize and am so happy i won. I plan on giving this watch to my 14y-year-old daughter. She is gonna love it."

#26182 Kim Howman Crane

"WooHoo! Thank you! I love this watch and can't wait to receive it! I'm going to keep it and wear it proudly! Thank you again for hosting the giveaway. Hops are always great fun."

#2835 Wendy Wright
"I will be giving the watch away to a mom at a mom's nite out event."