Friday, March 23, 2012

Winners for Giveaways Ended as of March 23, 2012

Congratulation to All the Winners of the Amazing Giveaways!
All winners have been confirmed and verified.
Cody Doll
#89 Anne Milkie
"I am so excited! I wanted to give this doll to my granddaughter and I thought she would like it. I really do think she will like it for her collection. Thank you so much!"

Jerry's Nut House Snacks
#137 Angie Pruden

Barbar Blow Dryer
#4355 Pauline Mendes

Mayesa Organic Cocoa Drink
#127 Julie Wood
"I really like this prize because it is a healthy drink! I will be the person drinking it!  Thanks so much!"

Pearl Bracelet
#20 Melissa Lipton
"How wonderful!"

Zoobies Pets
#197 Carolyn Colley
"I would like the Mashaka the Monkey if it is available. I will be giving it to my grandson, he's 3, he will love this."

Eve's Incantation Book by Jagjit
#104 Tammy Robbins-Husak
"Thank you very much,I have been wanting to start reading again and this is a good start, It sounds like such a good book I cant wait to start to read it.  Again thank you!"