Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wild Pearl Fascination

white hanadama pearls
White Hanadama Pearls

black tahitian pearls pearls
Black Tahitian Pearls

They are gorgeous.

They are sought after.

Pearls can be phenomenal.

Are you a lover of pearls? Pearl jewelry? I love pearls, especially the ones that come from the South Sea. Those “magical” waters produce 10-20 mm pearls of silver or gold color. For many centuries, the divers harvested the shells for their valuable Mother-of-Pearl shell to make jewelry, buttons, ceramic decor. Only on rare occasions were they lucky enough to discover a gorgeous pearl inside those shells. Due to the rarity of occurrence, such pearls were treasured and traded at high value.

This day and age hasn’t changed much in the value that rare and beautiful pearls hold for us. The demand for high quality pearls is high. The production of high quality pearls is difficult.

Consider the fact that less than 5% of pearls output can be considered high quality.

Knowing a little bit about pearls, I think you are going to appreciate more of a beautiful pearl when you see one.

Beautiful pearls are not easy to come by. That’s why we don’t see a lot of variety of pearls in any given store. However, there are some companies who specialize in pearl harvesting and distribution. One of such connoisseurs of pearls, both fresh- and salt water,   is a Peal Distributors company.

They seek and bring together hundreds of pearls of different variety in color, size, quality, design, origin.

I was mesmerized to see an abundant choice of pearl jewelry at the Pearls Distributor’s online store. They offer South Sea Pearls (that’s my favorite), Black Tahitian Pearls, Hanadama Saltwater Pearls – the highest quality of Akoya pearls, which are some of the most expensive and valued for their luster.

What I was amazed with even more is the prices Pearl Distributors offer their findings at. These prices are so affordable for the quality of a fine jewelry store! That’s what is so amazing as well.

Not a single person will walk away disappointed after browsing through the wildest collection of tastefully selected pearl ear-rings, necklaces and bracelets. These beauties are to inspire any woman at any age or walk of life!

Thank you, Pearl Distributors for your hard work and labor of love of finding these rare pearls and making them affordable for any woman. Can you hear a million-voice of “Thank-You’s?” This is for you, Pearl Distributors.

The Pearl Distributors Team hasn’t left us high-and-dry! They offered one person an amazing white pearl bracelet with a 14K gold clasp, valued at $250! 

Head over to push your luck and win it here.

Disclosure: Celebrate Woman received product(s) from Pearl Distributors to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy, eco friendly, and life-enhancing products.