Friday, March 16, 2012

Eve's Incantation Book Giveaway ~ Lucky Leprechaun Blog Hop 3/22

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March 17-22, 2012
Celebrate Woman Today,books giveaway

Celebrate Woman Today Offers Eve's Incantation by Jagjit:
Eve's Incantation by Jagjit
What is it for you? For me? In the Eve's Incantation, Eve speaks directly to all of us Women. Feeling that we forgot a lot of important facts why this beautiful woman in you, in me, was created, Eve reminds us all about the important qualities we as womanhood possess.

Written as an open conversation with a reader, Eve's Incantation inspires, cares, encourages to look deep inside and outside to see what a special woman we are.

This is a Timely Read. Consumed every moment of it!

Celebrate A Woman In You!

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Natasha said...

I've gotten to read alot this week and that makes me happy. Thanks for the chance to win!

Amanda said...

i went and bought myself some new clothes for the first time in 5 years

Judy said...

I was able to relax this week and read two books!!!! It has been rather hectic since the first of the year-don't know where the time goes:)

Beth said...

I bought myself a new book that I've been wanting!

Fairday Morrow said...

Great giveaway! I would love to win. Thanks for the chance. I am taking the day off from working around the house to enjoy the beautiful weather.

My blog is participating in the hop, too. Swing on by to enter for a chance to win a gift card and 2 books. :)

desitheblonde said...

got parom dress that i won for girls in t he hs here

and read 4 book did not get them blog yet

and open a book and my name in it a beat reader wow

desi t he blonde at msn dot com

Jennifer said...

I took a nice bubble bath then wrapped u on the couch with a nice cup of tea and watched an old black and white movie. :)

Liese2 said...

Not yet, but I am hoping to find time to read this weekend.

fauxpaus said...

Haven't done anything yet, but it's my spring break, so there's bound to be something good coming :)

Kimberly R. said...

Not yet, I really need some pampering time!
Thanks :)
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Linda Kish said...

I've taken some nice walks.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

marybaker112 said...

I got my yard cut and the holes that the dogs dug all filled in!

fastone3104 said...

a nice relaxing day with my hubby

lilyk said...

I ate some tasty snacks.

LeDerpyReader said...

I slept more last week :D

nicolesender said...

I went outside when the sun was out and enjoyed my garden!