Friday, March 16, 2012

Eve's Incantation Book Giveaway ~ Lucky Leprechaun Blog Hop 3/22

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March 17-22, 2012
Celebrate Woman Today,books giveaway

Celebrate Woman Today Offers Eve's Incantation by Jagjit:
Eve's Incantation by Jagjit
What is it for you? For me? In the Eve's Incantation, Eve speaks directly to all of us Women. Feeling that we forgot a lot of important facts why this beautiful woman in you, in me, was created, Eve reminds us all about the important qualities we as womanhood possess.

Written as an open conversation with a reader, Eve's Incantation inspires, cares, encourages to look deep inside and outside to see what a special woman we are.

This is a Timely Read. Consumed every moment of it!

Celebrate A Woman In You!

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