Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celebrate Wordless Wednesday

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March 14-20, 2012

We always spend more time than we have in stores like Petco. My toddler loves animals and was truly mesmerized by this poster. And I was mesmerized by him! What was Your Magical moment this past week?

Celebrate Woman Today, Petco
In Awe Of Dogs And Cats


JanetGoingCrazy said...

My son is at Granny's all week and we went to take him some clothes. I told him when he's ready to come home that he could call me. When we were leaving a few minutes later, he said "mommy, if you want me to come home you just have to ask me"...he's 4 and there is no way he would have come home with us!!

Monica said...

What a sweet photo!!

Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy

Icar said...

now that made me think what was he thinking at that moment, so adorable little man!

Elizabeth said...

AWW! What a cutie