Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zette Harbour ~ Woman With A Gift of Story Telling

Zette Harbour, the Woman With a Story
“Are you the kind of person who hears “that little voice inside” and wishes you had the confidence and strength to follow it?”

Zette Harbour, an amazingly talented Story Teller has that voice that materializes into compassionate conversations with her audience.

I had a chance to speak with Zette and find out more of who she is and why she tells stories.

Celebrate Woman Can you make a business out of your passion of what you love doing?

Zette YES. No way we can do it alone though. We rely on mentors in our life. We listen to mentors carefully with our hearts and souls. Then, we go into the world and allow our own selves to shine.

When we do what we love, all around us notice our passion and precision in our actions. These passions of my heart, I apply to the business. There’s no differentiation between the two.

You already have passion inside of you. Learn from others to apply business savvy to your passion.

Celebrate Woman  Do you have any support in life? And How do you find such support?

Zette  I rely on my inner voice a lot. It is my guide through turmoil and difficulties. It’s a matter of how carefully I listen to my inner gut feel.

Story Time is all about listening. Listenting to what those told stories may trigger inside of us. This is the biggest gift of any story telling.

Another valuable lesson we can learn from being exposed to a story telling is to discover what kind of stories we have inside of us. Staying open allows us to reach out into the depth of our hearts and souls and get that unique story into the world to share.

Celebrate Woman  Story telling takes a lot of energy while sharing with others. How do you recuperate and regain your strength to move forward?

Zette  I love taking long walks along my native California Coast. Those are the moments when inspiration crawls inside. That’s why I carry my little notebook everywhere I go. I just start writing. And later, I go through my notes and find things so relevant to this very moment in time.

What I find for myself is that what we carry inside of us is enough. The trick is to marry that feeling with our life path. I do it through Story Telling. What story do you have inside of you?

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Zette Harbour has offered one of my readers her fascinating CD – Story Harbour that was awarded 3 Awards:
~ Parents’ Choice Recommended Award
~ National Parenting Publications Awards
~ Creative Child Magazine, 2011 Preferred Choice Award Winner

Zette, thank you so much for your inspiration and depth of your story telling. Since our interview, I've been always alert to my "story inside of me." I have a lot to tell. But this telling comes from listening patiently, quietly first.


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