Friday, February 24, 2012

Winners for Ended Giveaways

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Diva Cup
#1234  Chelsey Varela
"Thank you so much for this giveaway! I'm very excited that I've won and am definitely looking forward to trying out a Diva Cup. For the past couple of years, I've been slowly encouraging my family to go green with simple changes, and it's been great so far, but we can always do more. We cloth diaper, recycle, try to use eco-friendly and sustainable products whenever possible, etc. And if the environmental impact of Diva-Cups isn't incentive enough, I love that they're more cost effective than other products, and much safer. I didn't realize how common Toxic Shock Syndrome is even with minimal tampon use, and decided to make the switch because of that little fact alone. 
  As for your blog, I love that it's encouragement and information provided by women for women. Everything pertains to what women want or need to know. It's interesting and unique, and I appreciate that."

Scandle Candle
#1942 Karen Puleski
"Thank you so much. I am very excited to win a Scandle candle."

Pop Grrls Nail Charms
#33830  Jessica Ledford

"I'm excited to win this prize because my 5-year-old daughter is very much into me doing her nails in fun colors and designs these days, as well as playing dress-up. I think she'll have a ball with these... and I bet I will too!"

Velentine's Week Event
#8531  Emiily G.

$100 PayPal Hoodie Hoo Event
#11394  Debbie R.

Zipz Shoes
#519  Cori Westphal
"My daughter has chosen the Youth Lo-top Pink Camo Zipz shoes. She's so excited about the fact that she'll be able to switch out styles with a quick zip! How fun! And I'm excited that her shoes can change with her ever changing styles!"

Story Harbour CD
#89  Denise Taylor
"I am always looking for products that would be good for my 2-year-old. He likes me to read stories to him and this sounds like something he would like.
I like all the great product reviews. I've learned about some great products from your site. And of course I love the great giveaways you do!"

ila Alarm
#631  Amy Lynn
"I love all of your prizes on your giveaways. And as far as the blog... AWESOME!!! I've read some of the things here and there and all I have to say is Keep up the great work. You have not idea how much you brighten up my days!!! Again, Thank You."

5Star Urgent Response
#199  Johnny-Amy Lynn

Upcycled Ring and Pendant
#12268  Jessica L.