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Sterling Silver Heart Pendant ~ Valentine's Day Hop ~ 2/9

Valentine's Day Hop
Sterling Silver Pendant for Your Valentine
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Mama to 4 Blessings and Chubby Cheeks Thinks

have teamed up to bring you the Valentine's Day Giveaway Hop! 

With 73 bloggers participating, there will be a lot of great Valentine's giveaways! This is a perfect way to get something nice for yourself, your kids, or that someone special in your life. 

Valentine's Day is another great holiday of giving. We are all going to have a giveaway of at least $25 in prizes per winner and that is just the minimum. Some blogs will have more!
Celebrate Woman Today brings you 
a Sterling Silver Heart Pendant, $50 Value
for Your Valentine to Celebrate With

I love simple, yet elegant jewelry. My tastes gravitate to clear stone jewelry. I like elegant combination of silver and gold. Most of all, I like jewelry pieces that allow natural light to enhance the value of a jeweled piece naturally.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Gallery offers a wild variety of sterling silver jewelry to a person with a wide range of tastes.

What I find intriguing and smart on the part of this online store is that all pieces in the sterling silver collection can be worn as a day-to-day item or to a grand party. Equally, the jewels will shine spectacularly and present any wearer with a positively bright outlook!

Take a look at the list of various pieces you could discover for yourself at Sterling Silver Jewelry Gallery:
  • Pendants – from wide variety of shapes and settings (Love Pave!)
  • Crosses – from simple ones to Fluer de Lis with Garnets
  • Rosaries – adorned with jewels and pure silver decor
  • Necklaces – from Mother Pearl to Onyx to Floral Ensembles
  • Bracelets – from tennis to sophisticated twists
  • Rings – from single to engagement ring sets to rings with charms
This is a perfect place for a Valentine’s Stop! One Stop, and you’ll be done with all the purchases you need!

Sooo affordable!

Amazingly elegant and quite appropriate for the season!

Would you like to give your Valentine a perfect Heart with a zillion of CZ’s and a sparkle of a diamond? Well, you have a chance Today to enter this giveaway.

With all my love to you, my dear readers! I’ll see you tomorrow here with yet another amazing Valentine’s giveaway that is appropriate for every day of the year!

Celebrate Your Happiness Today! Not a Moment Later.

Disclosure: Celebrate Woman received a sterling silver pendant from Sterling Silver Jewelry Gallery to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.

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