Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrate Our Winners Today

roses,celebrate woman today giveaway prizes

Hello Diamonds Winner:
#2092 Shea B.

"I love all the informative articles on your blog, and Celebrate Woman Today really does have some of the absolute best giveaways! I'm so excited to win this because today is my 30th birthday! How awesome is that? What a great surprise!
Thanks again! =)"

Polar Pillow Winner:
#183 Cheryl Smith
"Thanks so much, Laura!!  This pillow looks amazing - I've always tended to get hormonal headaches and having a nice cool pillow will be wonderful to help me relax and fall asleep.  I really enjoy your blog because it's upbeat and positive.  You review wonderful products in an honest, yet polite and positive manner.  It's a pleasure visiting your blog."

Momo's Piggery Winner:
#112 Darlene Miller
momo piggery,celebrate woman today winners

"I like being a part of the group, because we can talk and listen to what other women have to say about life happening. I'm always happy to win something, it makes me feel good."

Gourmet Salts Collection Winner:
#60 Desi R.
"I like Celebrate Woman Today blog as it is rich in information on products you give away. What a way to go!"

OCDaisy Napbag Winner:
#2214 Alena Svetelska

Kindle Fire by BeeSavy Winner:
Congratulations to Cathy from Surrey, British Columbia