Friday, February 3, 2012

Be Open To Benefits of Gourmet Salt

The Spice Lab 5 Salt Collection
Salt is important in our lives. It is our spice. It is our great electrolyte. It is one of the best sources to replenish our energy via salt baths. It is that important!

But how many of you really use good quality salts in your daily life?

Have you ever used any other salt than that table salt sold in your local super market? If not, here’s your chance to pick up some initial information on the variety of salts and then start your testing and tasting of them in your daily life.

Why do you need it? Because life offers unimaginable discoveries in every grain of salt! That’s why we are talking S-A-L-T today. To be more precise, gourmet salts.

Personally, I started to experiment with various salts several years ago. There are so many of different salts on the market by its origin, quality, color, saltiness that I decided to take small steps in testing and tasting different salts for my daily meal preparation.

Being a vegetarian and loving fresh salads and soups, I started my experimenting with different salts for my creations. So far I have a few favorites like Smoked salts and pink Himalayan.

The best way to try and test all kinds of salts that suit best for your personal tastes is to buy them in small quantities and use them on different things like salads, fish, soups, poultry, and sauces.

One of the best places to go for that type of experimenting is The Spice Lab. They carry a huge variety of different salts that would appeal even to a Celebrity Chef!

Salt Collections by The Spice Lab represent an amazingly distinguished salt families that would inspire the best cook in you!

Check out these salts:
  • Washington State Apple Wood Cold Smoked Sea Salt
  • Murray River Pink Sea Salt
  • Bali Pyramid Sea Salt
  • Fleur De Sel France First Harvest Sea Salt
  • Island of Cyprus White Flake Sea Salt
  • India Black Kala Namak Mineral Salt
  • Pacific Blue KOSHER Natural Sea Salt
  • El Salvador Qab-nab Taab First Harvest Sea Salt
  • Bolivian Sunset Pink Warm Spring Mineral Salt
  • Hawaiian Red Clay Alaea Sea Salt
  • Bali Coconut and Lime Smoked Sea Salt
Don’t they sound intriguing to you? This is just a small sample of salts The Spice Lab people carry in their store.

Mind the fact that not all the above salts are created equally. And with this difference comes a very unique taste and even smell for each brand of salt.

Some salts are perfect for vegetable dishes like Smoked salts and Cyprus Black Flake salt. Some are perfect to enhance the taste of your sauces and soups: Himalayan Pink salt and Persian Blue Diamond salt. When it comes to meat, you may opt to taste Hawaiian Black Lava salt on your food creations.

Again, you need to give yourself permission to be open to something new. Be adventuresome. Try New Salt in your life. And if you are truly open to new experiences, get several varieties of salt and start cooking up a storm in your pre-Valentine kitchen. I know my hubby would love it!

Learn more about benefits of salt.

To test and try new salts from The Spice Lab, click here.

Disclosure: Celebrate Woman received The Spice Lab product to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.