Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sign Up For Win $100 and a Visalus Balance Kit Giveaway

Sign Up For

Win $100 And A Visalus Balance Kit Giveaway

$100 Giveaway and a Visalus Balance Kit

ViSalus is committed to championing Life, Health and Prosperity around the world – supporting people to achieve whatever personal victories they set their mind to.

Bloggers would you like to participate in a Giveaway for $100 and a Visalus Balance Kit to gain fans for your Facebook page for FREE?

By promoting this event and then posting the Giveaway you will receive one Facebook Rafflecopter entry per blog you participate with. All you need to do in order to participate is promote the FREE event letting your fellow bloggers know about it so they will sign up and we can all benefit from our combined influence. All bloggers are welcome to participate. There is no minimum stats or maximum amount of bloggers allowed.

Please fill in this form letting us know you would like to participate
All information about the Giveaway including information about the post itself and the Rafflecopter code will be posted in the Facebook group so we don’t have to worry about lost emails or emails sent to your spam folder. The Giveaway will go live on 1/24 at 12:01am. Please be sure to have your post live no later then 10am that day. You will be asked to include a short paragraph of information in your Giveaway post with a link back to the sponsors site (can be follow or no follow). Don’t forget to join the group it is how we will communicate with you.

Here is the link to the button you can use it and make it any size you prefer. I will place a fully coded version in the Facebook group for you to use.

This giveaway is being sponsored by an Independent Visalus Distributor here is a link to her site