Monday, January 9, 2012

Severine Sazlawski: Woman Entrepreneur and Green Glass Lover

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I love green and eco-friendly products. I love to hear when they are created and marketed by women-entrepreneurs.

Celebrate Woman  is always on the lookout of women who dare to live their dreams. And share their experiences and tips with the others who are on their way to live their dreams.

Severine Zaslawski, The Green Glass Company Owner
Today, I'd like to offer you all a peak into Severine Saslawski's point of view on women, business, and living a "green" life style.

Celebrate Woman (CW) What would you tell any woman who would like to start her entrepreneurial life in New 2012 Year?

(Severine) Be passionate about your products or services…  Do not start a business because someone told you it is a good idea!  At the end of the day, you will be the only ambassador for your business and you will need to do a LOT of convincing and there will be a lot of LONG days.  Work and play will intermingle all the time:  I create products when I entertain friends, I visit artists working with glass when I am on vacation…  I never really stop because I love the products we make!

Celebrate Woman (CW) In your words, what does it take to be successful in what you do?  

(Severine) Working a lot, opening up to other’s feedback and always look for innovation.

Celebrate Woman (CW) Is it important to take care of your body as well as your mind as you are pursuing your life’s dreams?

(Severine)Yes.  I have been eating healthy foods all of my life (born and raised in southern France) and good food is essential to my mental balance.  I am also a cancer survivor so I have learned how to re-prioritize healthy habits: I have a dog and we go on at least one long walk once a day rain or shine.  

Celebrate Woman (CW) Anything you would like to add, please do.
(Severine) Someone told me that if you always postpone grabbing your chance, then less opportunity will come your way.  In some odd ways the statement stands true:  the most chance you take, the more chance you’ll have…

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