Sunday, January 8, 2012

Juppy Walker Giveaway, $49.95 Value ~ US Only ~ 1/22

Juppy Full Lining Walker, Value $49.95

Each Juppy Comes In a Satin Storage Bag
 Women tend to come up with so many amazing products for kids, babies, girls, boys, kitchen, beauty accessories! In a word, women are so on time to push a new product into our hands that I salute to them All.

Mayra Sotelo, Juppy Walker Co-Owner
Look at this simple but so smart invention by Mayra Sotelo, the co-owner of The Juppy Baby Walker!

She herself was bending and having lower back pain when this quick idea of a support system for a baby who learns to walk came into her mind.

In addition, Mayra did not want to use walkers on wheels that are very much prone to accidents.

After many months of testing and prototypes, the today’s Juppy Walker was born. Juppy was designed for babies 6-9 months-old to provide all the necessary support while they’re conquering their walking technique.

Tiana from The Modern Babble blog has kindly agreed to test her Juppy on her son. Here’s here verdict. 

My son has been testing the waters a lot lately when it comes to walking. This is why I was very excited to receive the Juppy Walker for review! Right when it came, I tore open the package and tested it out immediately.

It was very easy to put on – you just pull your baby’s legs in and zip up the back – and my son caught on very quickly.

At first, he was unsure of what this contraption was that was attached to him. However, after he figured out that it allowed him to walk without falling, he went crazy.

Now, any time I pull the Juppy Walker out, he comes crawling as fast as he can! He knows, I’ll take him for a W-A-L-K!

Why Celebrate Woman and Modern Babble Say “YES” to Juppy:
  • Sturdy design – the material is very thick and will not break easily (doesn’t feel cheap) which does produce the Safe walker
  • Control baby’s walking direction
  • Easy to put on baby
  • Adds the feeling of independence to a walking child
  • Helps baby learn to walk without knowing he is dependent on you to hold him
  • Affordable and Easy for Travel
Would you like to test your own Juppy Walker with your baby? Mayra Sotelo has generously offered a Juppy Walker with Embroidered name of your baby to one of my readers.

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