Thursday, January 5, 2012

Books Are Expensive Especially When You’re A Student ~ Chocolate Covered Fruit Arrangement Giveaway ~ 2 Winners (1/15)

Chocolate Covered Fruit Arrangement
 Do you remember those times when you were a student, taking as many classes as you could, buying a ton of books that left your wallet almost with a hole?

I sure do keep those memories at heart. I remember I wanted all my books neat and clean, and new. But when I realized – and it happened right after I purchased all my books at the University’s bookstore at their face value – that second-hand books are my, if not the best, then very good friends, I almost never bought a new textbook again.

Guess what? There’s a company now that helps all those hard-working students to make their educational dreams come true much easier. This is Campus Book Rentals company that offers people, pursuing their education, the textbooks at the price we can’t resist. The books here are offered at a discount between 40% and 90% of regular prices!

Where were you CampusBookRentals.Com when I was a student? Obviously, in the future.

The process of renting your own textbook is easy and user-friendly at
  • You search for your textbook using ISBN number or any keyword from book’s title
  • Pick the book and choose your rental period
  • The book is shipped to you FREE of charge
  • You receive and use the textbook
  • You return your textbook in a provided envelope to CampusBookRentals.Com – Free of charge again!

FYI: Any rented book rented and returned within the 30-day period is refunded to you 100%. It cannot be so!!! Actually, yes, this is how it is here.

If you have anybody at college, university, any educational structure that calls for textbooks – check out CampusBookRentals.Com first. You won’t be disappointed with the selection, their service, their price for books, and convenience. And for starving, hard-working students, any help is a Big help!

Why Celebrate Woman Absolutely Loves Service:
  • Save big bucks: 40-90% easy savings!
  • Free shipping to students when you rent books – Both ways!
  • Flexible rental periods
  • OK to Highlight in your rented books – that’s a biggy!
  • Students can sell their own textbooks to
  • Automated online service at its best
  • The charity of this company’s choice is Operation Smile. For those who do not know what this means, just take a quick look at the Before and After photos here:
 Operation Smiles has done over 2 million patient evaluations and over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults with cleft palates, cleft lips and other facial deformities sine 1982. Most of such help is required in the 3rd World Countries, where bare necessities are hard to be satisfied, leave alone medical care for cleft palate.

Doctors and medical help volunteer in over 60 countries to bring new expression of life to those little kids.

Often, such facial defects are easy to correct. The problems are financial and access to the right medical help. But what such correction can do for a child’s future is invaluable. It gives a child more opportunities to pursue dreams, to really be a free agent of her/his will what to do with life, career, and living their life with more expression. And the cost for a regular cleft palate correction is about $200. It is almost nothing for us, living here in this country. But for those far away, it is a fortune that cannot ever be reached.

I salute Doctors, Volunteers, Coordinators at Operation Smiles!

I salute Donor-Contributors like who support such charity on the regular basis.

If you choose to contribute, please go here and donate a $1 or whatever your soul calls for.

Celebrate Your Smile Today!

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