Monday, October 31, 2011

Burst Training Will Keep You Fit & Slim Throughout Holiday Season

Yep, it's started – This amazing Holiday, Fun season of Trick-or-Treating, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Years!

And you should have fun in all the upcoming activities and celebrations with your friends, family and loved ones.

But hey, you are entitled to feel and look great. Be at your best every single day. What is the catch? No catch. Just a very tiny effort to an amazing Holiday Season Ever!

When I cannot get into the gym, I fill my workout time with a ten-minute intense workout at home. No weights or any special arrangements needed. Turn on my favorite music play lists on the iPhone – and I'm ready to go. Not to get bored, I am doing various things for my workouts like that.

Just recently, I've discovered Burst Workouts routines on YouTube. I researched many options of the burst workouts, and picked a few for my personal needs.

If you are curious and wish to keep in shape while having a blast during this year's Holiday Season, check a burst work out for yourself.

Here's the one I started with and then moved on to other things. Keep in mind, if you do something regularly, your body adjusts. So we need to challenge it for bigger and stronger things.

Celebrate Your First Burst Workout Today!

My Cornish Rexes Were In Heavenly Bliss Today

Well, I can't have enough of my adorable Cornish Rex cats. As of today, I have three: one girls,a dn two boys. They are smart, curious, full of love and play. And these cats LAV people!

All my neighbors and people who just pass by, jog by, walk by, cannot but stop by our front gate when they see this adorable trio laying out there in the sun! Oh, yes, these three soak all your love and attention in.

As usual, I snapped a couple of pictures of their nap time. Sweet dreams, my pretties.

My baby Boy is loving his nap time!
Oh, this Girl sees the best dreams ever!

Celebrate Your Pets Today!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Savings in Coupons Just for You

Oh, yes, everybody's putting their last minute additions to your Halloween costumes. But here are some great savings offers that anybody in need of those can use this month.

Chili's Free Chips and Queso – Sign up for the Chili's Email Club and receive exclusive offers and print a coupon for FREE order of Skillet Queso & Chips

Home Depot Cabinets – Sign up and schedule your free home cabinet refacing consultation

Shoe Carnival – Print Coupon and save up to $5, $10 and $15 off of great deals

Ink Garden Free Products – Receive any product from Ink Garden for free

Canvas People – Turn your favorite photo into a free 8 x 10 canvas or get 40% off toward any size canvas and free shipping

Celebrate Your Deals Today!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Domestic Violence Awareness Month of October

This month is rich in bringing awareness of such critical issues as Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.

In the past few years, violence against your own family member  has been really brought out of the closet and given more spotlight than ever before. And this is the only right thing to do. No living individual, little or grown-up, should be cornered into circumstances that makes everything human inhumane. And miserable.

No tolerance to Domestic Violence at any level. Ever.

There some powerful women in our blogging community who dedicate their daily lives to supporting this movement of peace within families in our vast and multicultural society.

Please visit Style Substance Soul to learn more what Amy, Jessi, and Catherine – the women who are leading the movement of peaceful resolution and support of nonviolence within a family and in our world without human trafficking.

Celebrate Domestic Peace Today

Winnie the Pooh DVD & Blue Ray Giveaways

Wanna increase your luck by entering several Rafflecopter giveaways with the on-going Winnie-the-Pooh promotion of the regular DVD and its Blue Ray version? Head over to my fellow-bloggers sites to quickly fill out their Rafflecopter entries!

The Attic Girl (end date not posted)

One More Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (10/30)

Classy Mommy (10/30)

Calista's Ramblings (10/29)

A Heart Full Of Love (10/26)

Celebrate Your Win-nie-The-Pooh Lucky Day Today!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Healthy Halloween for Your Kids And All

Halloween is a cool holiday. But the amount of candy being handed out and then trashed is atrociously huge! Besides the trashing part, a big concern comes to those who cannot tolerate sugary treats at all due to diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions.

Here are some examples for low sugar and candy free trick or treat ideas for Halloween.

SugarLess Snacks For Halloween Treat
• Snack size package of popcorn
• Individually wrapped organic Tea for kids
• Juice boxes (my favorite as of today brand is Apple & Eve. Great organic Fruitables juices. Amazing quality, all natural very few ingredients!)
• Apple sauce snack packs
• Fruit leather (watch for the additives in some brands!)
• Snack bars (opt for organic in mini size)
• Bare Fruit trial size packs
• Boxes of raisins
• Fruit roll ups
• Trial size packs of dried veggie chips
• Trial/snack sized bags of crackers
• Individually wrapped pumpkin seed treats
• Sugar free gum (Xylitol sweetened gum)
• Sugar-free candy

Halloween Novelty Toys – Alternative Treat Ideas
• Eyeball or colored bouncy balls or superballs
• Toy puzzle
• Rubber spiders
• Glow in the dark insects
• Slinky
• Slime
• Pumpkin yo-yos
• Glow in the Dark Sticky Hands
• Glow Ball
• Pumpkin or plain noise drums
• Jumping mini plastic spiders
• Glow Extending Hands
• Twisty Flying Spinners

Fun Arts and Crafts Items for Trick or Treaters
• Stickers
• Individual packets of crayons
• Individual packets of chalk
• Small jar of play-do
• Origami paper
• Halloween magic pads
• Halloween stamps
• Halloween mini coloring books
Games and Activity Ideas:
• Jump rope
• Jacks
• Plastic squirt gun
• Halloween character or plain paddle ball
• Tiny decks of cards
• Bubbles
• Halloween hand clappers
• Halloween fun and game books
• Halloween slide puzzles
• Halloween mini pinball
• Black and orange plastic flutes
• Halloween Mini Clackers
• Halloween Tic Tac Toe
• Halloween mini stencils
• Temporary tattoos
• Vampire teeth
• False teeth
• Plastic halloween bracelets
• Green glo bracelets
• Decoder rings
• Halloween themed key chains
• Spider finger puppet

School related Halloween Items
• Halloween bookmarks
• Halloween pencils
• Fancy erasers
• Pencil toppers
• Mini notebooks
• Coins (pennies, nickels, dimes)

Depending where you are going for trick or treating, take flashlights, some warm clothes with you, and water. It is fun to spend a Halloween evening with your friends and family. Always more fun with more people to share joy and happiness.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Have Fun.

Celebrate Your Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pottery Barn $7.99 -$9.99 FREE Shipping on Halloween Treat Baskets

Pumpkin Treat Bag at Pottery Barn Kids

Still in need of a basket for your precious one for a Halloween night and all those pre-parties?

Head to Pottery Barn Kids online and pick your choice! Really cute and fun baskets and bags varying in price for $7.99 to $9.99. What's more important, your shipping is included into these prices! No shipping or/and handling on all treat baskets!

I got the one you see at the top. It's my cool one for my little pumpkin!

Celebrate Your Halloween Bargain Today!

Wallgreens FREE Collage Through October 22nd, 2011

Would like a professionally done customized collage you wanted for a long time, and for whatever reason postponing?

Wallgreens offers a free 8x10 Collage + 11x14 Poster for $1.99

And yes, you can pick up the same day!

This promo is effective through October 22nd, Saturday, 2011.

Enter a coupon codes

CLG8X10 for your Free collage, and

PSTR4LESS for poster at checkout.

One Stop Christmas Hop Event – Free To All Who Joins It!

My amazing mom-blogger to 4 blessings ( is leading all of us in the One Stop Christmas Hop Event that will last for one week from November 29 through December 6, 2011.

All who join this mezmerisingly fun blog hop, will enjoy a lot of gifts (at least $25 worth or more!) You can start your Christmas shopping with us, by hopping from blog to blog and picking the prizes you would like for yourself and others.

If you wish to be part of this jolly time, please hop to MamaTo3Blessings to sign for it with linky.

It's simple. It's free. It's filled with holiday spirit.

See ya later.

Celebrate An Opportunity Today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazon Rain Camu C Serum Giveaway ~ Rafflecopter, 1 Winner (11/05) – Closed, Winner #74 Debra G.

Amazon Rain 6-Product Organic Skin Care System
When it comes down to your skin, especially your facial skin, any person would desire something pleasant to smell, something that truly works. And what’s more important, we want to be assured that all ingredients in the product won’t cause any harm five, ten, twenty years after the initial use of it.

Being a person with a super sensitive skin, I have not used much of cosmetics and skin care products in my life. A few months ago, Amazon Rain skincare came into my life.

I really liked the ingredients in the product, and was willing to try it. All Amazon Rain products are entirely free of synthetic chemicals and artificial additives and made from 100% organic ingredients. What’s not to like?

Behind all these organically formulated Amazon Rain products stands the Amazon Herb Company. Since 1990, Amazon Herb has worked with local tribes in deep Amazonian Rainforest, supporting a sustainable future for the forest and its citizens. Another outstanding fact is that this company dedicated a percentage of all company profits toward scholarships, helping obtain land titles and deeds, and securing the future of the Amazon Rainforest.

Every single sale all year round in Amazon Herb supports two movements: ACEER – Nonprofit The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Resources


Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center

What followed my test of the Amazon Rain products shadowed all my expectations or should I say my skepticism?

I bought all six products for my personal use and implemented a regular skin care routine like with any system: Cleanse > Exfoliate > Tone > Feed > Moisturize

Here’s my feedback on every Amazon Rain individual product

1. Amazon Rain Botanical Cleanser (100 ml)
Exceptionally nice smelling and gentle to use. What I liked in this cleanser is that my skin doesn’t feel parched after its use.

Amazon ingredient Iporuru camls my skin and act a topical analgesic. Jatoba is a natural purifying and soothing ingredient with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Amazon Rain Crystal Exfoliator (60 ml)
This is my Steallar product. What’s interesting, I can use it twice a day, AM and PM, and my facial skin doesn’t feel abused by the ingredients in it. It is not a scrub of harsh elements. It is a heavenly rejuvenating solution to my skin. Anybody’s skin!

Pure marine algae energizes skin cells with an increased blood flow to my skin surface, helping to draw out impurities.

Silica micro-crystals clean and polish my skin, giving it a “custom” look!

Herbal mineral ash blend is rich in mineral composites from the Rainforest soil.

This is my aroma therapy at my finger tips! Smell is so desirable and addicting, I just open a bottle and inhale the aromas from the bottle. ;0)

My hubby loves this product so much, he started using it. Guess what, now people throw all kinds of compliments his way. Men need good skin care products like us, too!

3. Amazon Rain Refreshing Mist (50 ml)
This mist is an excellent toner and a quickly-pick-me-upper during the day and after my rigorous workout at the gym. I sprits it all over my face and neck any time I want to feel energized and refreshed. The actives in this toner, aka mist,  shield my skin from environmental stressors.

The ultimate effect I am looking forward to is a like-sponge absorbing effect by my skin. I literally feel my facial skin drinking the applied dews of this ultimate mist.

With super-duper ingredients from Amazon like Suma and Una de Gato, the mist provides soothing, refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect to the skin.

4. Amazon Rain Camu C Serum (30 ml)
This nutrient-dense serum is a high concentration of antioxidants and ingredients with anti-inflammatory action. Feels silky and lightweight. Camu C Serum absorbs very quickly. Within two weeks of my use of the whole system, I kissed goodbye to my fine lines around my eye area. That was something I did not expect or asked for. I applied this serum twice a day, AM and PM.

The Amazon Camu Camu fights fine lines and wrinkles, and nourishes our skin with the world’s hightest concentration of vitamin C.

And amazing Sangre de Drago (aka “dragon’s blood”) promotes anti-aging effects and is concidered to be at the top promotes natural anti-aging processes in the body with a 90% concentration of one of richest antioxidant compounds in the world; oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC's).

5. Amazon Rain Replenishing Moisturizer (50 ml)
Oh, this formula smell so good and feels light and silky. Just a little bit on my face and neck would go long ways! The ingredients in it reduce the aging effect of the sun and protect my skin from the UV rays. This is my daily shield for skin for sure.

The Samabaia ingredient in this moisturizer has been shown in clinical studies to protect skin from sun exposure and radiation. This powerful ingredient boasts of a colorful bouquet of phytonutrients that offer my skin such a powerful protection.

6. Amazon Rain Deep Nourishing Oil (15 ml)
This Amazon Rain product is nothing but a pure distillation of oils from Amazonia. The smell is something that took me some time to adjust to, as all those ingredients are not something I grew up with. ;0)  But the effect from the healing and nourishing power of this mixture is amazing.

I include this oil into my nightly routine about twice a week. In the morning, after I wake up, my skin feels alive, soft and resilient. This is something we need to experience in order to talk about.

My overall analysis of the Amazon Rain 6 Products – EXCELLENT and with A Quick Notice Line. Within two weeks, I saw the results on my skin:

• Dramatic diminishing of fine lines in my around-eye area
• Improved skin firmness
• Brightened skin tone
• Aroma therapy on-the-g0 (it especially applies to the Mist. I Mist myself any chance I get!)
• Assurance that I am using the products with the best quality ingredients that were tested and clinically researched by the 3-rd parties. Most ingredients in the Amazon Rain are from Amazon and possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

For being so patient, Amazon Herb company has offered one reader from my blog a free full-size Camu C Serum. To give your skin a more lifted look – use Camu C Serum AM and PM and experience results for yourself.
Amazon Rain Camu C Serum (30 ml)
And Rafflecopter will sure help you to get through the entries with a breeze (thank you Greg from Rafflecopter and his entire team!)

This giveaway is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Skin care is a huge part of our overall health, and it does matter what we put on it, and how much toxicity the body and its organs accumulate during their lifetime. That is why the byline for all Amazon Rain skin care products is Deeper Than Beauty. Amazon Rain products feed the body, skin, internal systems to bring out the beauty from within.

Amazon Herb Company is offering an unprecedented coupon for all who buy any of its products during hte month of October. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center for diagnosing, prevention and treatment of cancer.

Buy Amazon Rain Skincare with an amazing 42%  discount during this Blogger Campaign. The company has offered such unheard-of discount only to the Bloggers Campaign. The preferred price for Bloggers is to honor our bodies with healthy daily routine from our skin care products.
All the ingredients are organic and wild-harvested. These products have Zero (0) additives, chemicals, GMO, Gluten, colors. All come in natural tone, color, and smell.

Go Now and make your small contribution to the cancer prevention. To buy Amazon Rain products with 42% discount, go here: Amazon Rain Products for Bloggers (www.

FREE gifts to the first 50 people purchasing any of the Amazon Rain products from this campaign:

(1) Olivia Newton-John, who beat her own breast cancer, has announced that she’ll send a personally signed LIV Aid for breast cancer prevention in your monthly self-examination routine. This aid alone retails for $19.95.

LIV Aid Signed by Olivia Newton-John

(2) FlaxUSA and its Founder Stephanie Stober will donate Flax Sprinkles full of Omega-3, Lignans, Protein and Fiber
Flax Sprinkles by Flax USA

(3) Hy-Jean Corporation and its Founder Laura Stearn will donate her unique and feminine product – Pantzies!

Pantzies by Hy-Jean Corporation
(4) The Coconut World and its Founder SaraJean Cameranesi will donate her amazing Coconut Sugar known for its low Glycemic Index of 35! Eating it is like almost drinking water nowadays!
Coconut Sugar by Coconut World
Again, the link to the site to buy Amazon Rain products with 42% discount is here (this discount is not available anywhere else) is:

Clean & Green Review & Giveaway by Amazon Herb ~ Rafflecopter, 15 Winners (11/16)

Amazon Clean & Green
These days, I clean my house and home predominantly with Clean and Green. My friend introduced me to this cleaning solution a few months ago, and never looked back.

One day, my 3-year-old decided to be a body painter. After a few quiet moments in his room, he came out only to unveil his masterpiece drawn all over his body. Oh my, was he proud of himself! I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Then we headed straight to the tub.
Permanent Markers All-Over. That's the Before Picture
FYI before I proceed. The tools he used for creating his bodily images were permanent markers (he sneaked out into mama’s office to get to them.)

In the tub, I tried soap, kid’s shampoo, body wash. Scrubbed with wash cloth. Used a warmer water. Nothing worked. Then my hubby suggested to use Clean and Green, may be it’d work.

After a few drops on a wash cloth and a couple of minutes in the tub, my toddler boy was free of permanent marker colorings!
This is the After picture. Clean & Green has Done its Job!
WOW! This stuff made me even a bigger lover of it!

Wait a minute. Nothing to worry about when it comes to its ingredients!
• 100% natural and chemical-free formula
•Non-toxic plant-based key ingredients
• Powerful cleaning action for even the toughest stains – I proved this statement through my personal experience!
• Gentle enough to be used on your skin – You bet!
• Safe for households with children and pets – True!

Here’s the Ingredients List for Clean and Green:
Purified water, Processed Extracts of Rainforest Cinnamon and Coconut, Tree Sap, Cactus, Corn, Grain, Grass, Potatoes, Soy, Plant-based Surfactant.

Check the multiple uses of Clean and Green:
• Windows, floors, toilets, kitchen counters – I do ALL of these in my own house with Clean and Green!
• Give your Pet a rub and clean it from dust and soily spots – I have cats and give them a a “bath” by rubbing Clean and Green solution all over their bodies. Non-toxic to swallow for both pets and kids, remember it!
• Stains on clothes – get them off quickly and efficiently with this natural magic!
• Fruit and Veggies – Spray them before you eat to get rid of waxes and pesticide film on them!
• Furniture, fabric and leather – I used it on both and works wonders, really!

In a word, every time I want to clean something new, I just spray a bit on the surface to see if there’s any adverse reaction. So far, there was none! I am loving Clean and Green for its eco nature and effectiveness!!! Natural stuff that works. And I keep my green spray bottle in the kitchen for all immediate spills and dirty concerns.

The company that stands behind this unique product is Amazon Herb Company with its over 20-year experience of working with the indigenous communities in the Amazon and bringing eco clean ingredients to the U.S. to make the products that feed the body and help it heal naturally.

Each year, a percentage of all company profits goes towards providing scholarships, obtaining land titles and deeds, and securing the future of the Peruvian Rainforest. Amazon Herb Company is called a “More Than Fair” Trade company, as it empowers and enriches the local villagers with the gifts they never had, like land titles, water filtration systems, boats, medical supplies, sponsoring Indigenous radio programming and much more.

Would you like to experience Clean and Green in your house where all natural and beautiful thrives? Win it right here on Celebrate Woman Today.

Amazon Herb Company who is a proponent of everything natural and effective, is offering Clean and Green concentrate and a dispensing Bottle to my 15 Readers randomly selected through this review and giveaway.

Yes, you heard it right – 15 Winners for this Rafflecopter-powered Giveaway!

All the best and there are 15 winning chances this time, not one or two.

PS: Check my amazing Amazon Rain Skin Care Giveaway as well!

Celebrate Clean Air Today!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

50 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points

If you are a member of the Disney Movie Rewards Club, go ahead and add 50 Free points to your account today! No, you don't have to hunt for a better deal than that.

Here are the codes for you to use. Each code is worth 10 points.


Celebrate Fun Stuff Today!

Christmas Kinection Giveaway Event – November 25 – December 6, 2011

We have an exciting giveaway event to share with you! Want to offer an awesome Christmas gift to your readers and gain more followers? Then join Darcy and Mariah for Christmas Kinection!
(Right click to save the button on your computer)

Giveaway Prize: Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle (yes, that’s the Xbox 360 console, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures game) PLUS 2 Kinect games: Kinectimals and another to be determined

Reader Eligibility: Open to US and Canada

When: November 25 through December 6

This giveaway will run during the time of the 12 Days of Gifts Galore giveaway hop. It will be heavily promoted and the 2 events should help drive traffic to one another. For example, I will be cross promoting and linking these in my giveaway posts. We will also be purchasing giveaway listing services to help get the word out there.

We will use a Rafflecopter entry form. The mandatory entry will be to say which blog they are entering from. The blog with the most reader referrals will win $50! They will also need to follow everyone on GFC before they can do the rest of the extras (Facebook, Twitter, tweet, etc). This will bring you traffic. And since it lasts for 12 days, it gives them time if GFC is misbehaving. (If it misbehaves too much I’ll lift the mandatory part from Rafflecopter)

Sign ups will be limited to 25 blogs (plus the 2 hostesses) – Readers shouldn’t feel as intimidated by all the possible entries and more likely to do them all! GFC will be listed in order of confirmed sign ups. Then all the 2nd follow entries will be listed; then the 3rd for those who choose it.
*Hosts are not eligible for referral prize. All participants can enter the giveaway (except hosts) but cannot claim their own follow entries*

Participation fee: $20 to join and have 2 follow methods (GFC and Twitter OR Facebook). An optional 3rd follow method for $5 (Any follow you want). The fee covers the prize, advertising, blogger referral prize, and administrative fees. ** Limited time only! Get 3 follow methods for $20 – This promotion will end 10/23/11 or when spots are filled, whichever comes first.  If spots still remain the cost will go back up.  During this time, participating bloggers may enter to win their fee back! (Bloggers who already paid full price will receive an extra follow entry as well.)

Everyone will be required to post the giveaway on their blog with the button in the post. You do not need to make it sticky, but it should be listed with your other open giveaways so readers can find it. If I cannot find your post on the first day, you will be contacted to get it posted. After that you may be removed from the Rafflecopter form and forfeit your fee. (It’s not fair to get the follows if you don’t help advertise to your readers like everyone else.)

To join please fill out the form >>here

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Courage To Be Crazy ~ A Tribute To Steve Jobs

It takes only a moment to be silent and reflect on events of Universal proportion.

Steve Jobs is the person whom I respect for his genuine perseverance and innate enthusiasm to stay on the path of his dreams.

Celebrate The Courage To Find The Path Of Your Dreams!