Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weight Loss Is A Huge Industry ~ Get Smart What You Consume! CLICK Protein Drink Giveaway ~ Plus Free Samples (Jan 4)

CLICK Giveaway Prize, $25 Value
The season of weight loss has already begun. Of course we are only approaching our favorite Christmas eve, but the 27-billion-dollar machine competing for your dollar spent towards energy and weight loss products has already spread out its wings in ambush advertisement, video and online campaigns, and luring you and me into their net of dedicated customers.

I am so much for the products that actually can and do contribute to our personal goals of weight loss and weight maintenance. The only problem I have with the majority of such products is that they have a lot of chemicals and “proprietary blend” options that do not actually disclose to us what they really do to our bodies. To our endocrine system. To our total hormonal system.

When one person finds it out, it can be already late.

So, this season, knowing exactly what is going to happen in this crazy market of weight loss and weight loss products, I researched some new products that are actually Healthy, Do what they say they’ll do, and Support you towards fulfilling your goals.

Today, Celebrate Woman gives you CLICK.

What is CLICK?

CLICK is a protein drink that helps you to lose your weight by supplying your body with essential feeding components like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats.

The coolest thing is that CLICK can be consumed as either cold or hot drink. And my preference is when it’s HOT!

I used CLICK for several days. This product impressed me. Literally, it kept my blood sugar under control, i.e., I did not feel hungry or had any lows in my energy.

To test this protein drink even further, I tried it first in the morning as meal replacement. My dear friends, it kept me going for many hours without any hunger cramps!

I also tested this drink during the day, when I had my regular breakfast. It worked great as well by giving me a normal feel of my energy that allowed me to work through all my projects without thinking about food or feeling tired.

In a word, I like this CLICK product A Lot! First, it’s made out of very quality, non-harmful ingredients. It’s a must for me. Second, it does what it says it’ll do – supply with energy and all the nutrients to keep us going.

Celebrate Woman Gives a Five to the CLICK Team:
  • Clean Ingredients List that past my rigorous test
  • Pleasant Vanilla and Mocha flavors
  • Enjoyable Hot or Cold
  • Provides 23 Essential Vitamins and Minerals + 15 Grams of Protein
  • Low in Calories and Fats (120 Calories per huge serving)
  • Offers Double Shot of Espresso as the alternative to sugary coffee and energy drinks
  • Great Addition to Your Weight Loss program
Would you like to explore the CLICK Protein drink yourself?

You can! Here are the options.
  1. 30% Off of One (1) Canister of CLICK – Promo Code CLICKFAN
  2. Win it here, on Celebrate Woman Today Rafflecopter Giveaway!
  3. Free Samples to the first 25 people (when you click on Rafflecopter’s Facebook Click Fan Page, say Celebrate Woman Sent Me CLICK’N, or something like that!)

Disclosure: CLICK Team shared their unique products with me to facilitate this review and giveaway. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Celebrate Woman Today promotes only healthy and life-enhancing products.

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