Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Tavola Together Review & Giveaway ~ Christmas Cookie Recipe Blog Hop & Giveaway ~ Dec 13–18

A Tavola Together Sponsored This Awesome Foccacia Baking Mix

A Tavola Together Focaccia Abrosia

Welcome to the Christmas Cookie Recipe Blog Hop and Giveaway! 15 bloggers have come together to bring you some great recipes and some awesome prizes. It's a cookie exchange party – online style!

Below you will find a Holiday Cookie recipe offered by Celebrate Woman Today, along with a Rafflecopter form for you to enter to win One Amazing A Tavola Together Foccacia Baking Mix. Then using the linky provided at the end of this post, hop from blog to blog and collect all the other great recipes and enter to win more great prizes.

Before modern times, people used to sit down around the table to eat together. To talk about what the day brought for each one of them. To solve problems. To share a celebration, small or big. All that done while "breaking bread" at the common area of food sharing. They were doing it together. Eating together. Solving problems together. Celebrating together.
Claudia Pruett and Rima Barkett
With a crazy pace of modern times, different life styles, we seem to forget how important it is to share food with our families. Two women, Claudia Pruett and Rima Barkett of Stockton, California, are working to reverse this phenomenon, and bring multi-cultural America back to the table – to "break bread" again, together.

As I was growing up, I watched my mother and grandmothers cooking, concocting amazing delicious things out of simple ingredients. They allowed me to participate and make my own creations out of dough, out of potatoes, out of vegetable mix. And now when I cook I don't use any measuring cups or devices to make a fabulous meal. I follow my internal guide that knows how much, when, and how. Such upbringing with active participation in meal preparation made me love to cook. And made me equipped to do wonders with any scarcity of products in my pantry and fridge!

What Claudia Pruett and Rima Barkett have done is that they have called America to cook together, to enjoy a healthy meal around the table Together, and involve our kids for active participation in meal preparation. That is why their product is called A Tavola Together, meaning At the Table Together.

These women have created a Foundation that is dedicated to teaching kids life skills through cooking. How wonderful that is!

A Tavola Together is an amazing web resource for cooking, recipes, tips on how to maximize your shopping with fewer dollars, and how to increase your family ties by offering a delicious meal at the A Tavola Togehter! Check their gluten free, chocolate chip, rosemary, raisin Foccacia Baking Mixes. You will be impressed.

Claudia and Rima have sponsored this giveaway with one amazing Foccacia Baking Mix. Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below, and check out other recipes and giveaway prizes on the blogs of this Christmas Cookie Recipe Event! The Linky is at the end of the post.


Here's a Recipe from My Friend Marcy who knows how to cook zucchini all year round!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

AND that's not all!!!  2 lucky Grand Prize Winners will receive the following prize pack, perfect for hosting your very own cookie exchange party, sponsored by Hershey's:

1 apron
16 bakery boxes to give to exchange participants for keeping recipes
16 sets of recipe cards
3 bags of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses
2 pouches of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix
1 pouch of Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie mix
1 can of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder

So enter my giveaway below, then head over to Mommy's Money Saving Madness! to enter to win this awesome prize pack.