Friday, December 30, 2011

Do You Have The Right Tools On Your Blogger Desk? ~ Swingline SmartTouch Product Review

As this world goes round at a-greased-lightening speed, with computers and “i”-Branded products becoming a norm, we still need some very simple tools to complete our daily tasks and projects that will look and feel professional.

One of the best used office supplies in my household is a stapler. We use it so frequently for our kid’s pre-school projects.
Swingline SmartTouch Stapler
Another reason a good stapler is a must is my personal stapling habits of business papers, personal papers, bills, receipts, expense reports. You name it, I have to do at least one of them every day.

What a great opportunity it is to test products that could make my life easier and more efficient! IS the place to go to satisfy any of your daily fancy in any product for the office. And what is great about this online outlet is that you are treated as a valued customer with the special value prices. I like that.

Shoplet stays on top of trends in the supplies world. That means they need their market research of opinions by a regular user. The Team are serious about the quality of their products they carry at their virtual store.

That said and done Celebrate Woman has received a Swingline SmartTouch Stapler and a box of Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples to test and to deliver her opinion to the public view.

Out of the box and into the preparation mode it went! Oops, I could not figure out for a few moments how to load my precious staples into this nifty looking tool. It took me some thinking to do first. And when I reached out for Instructions, there was no instruction sheet to be found anywhere. This is weird. Even the simplest of things come with instructions these days.

As I do like companies who implement eco-friendly procedures, I would recommend Swingline to write the Staples Installation Instructions on one of the panels of the stapler box. That will work!
Push the knob – it'll open the empty cartridge for staples
At last, I located a knob at the other end of the stapler that pushes the empty staples cartridge out of the stapler. I loaded wonderful new Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples into the empty channel and pushed the cartridge back – OOOPs. It’s jammed. I thought I was doing really something wrong. But then after careful examination and testing and pulling the jammed cartridge out, I thought it was the cartridge itself that did not have that smooth movement. To make it work, I loaded only 50% of staples into the stapler.
Loaded Only 50% of Staples Into Cartridge
Everything was ready for further testing!

I loved the looks of my new Swingline stapler! It is smooth and very ergonomically built. I put it on my desk for a couple of days to test how easy it is to grab, to orient, to staple papers made from different media.

In addition, I allowed my 4-year-old to staple his small projects on his desk. He could easily staple his paperwork without lifting the SmartTouch stapler. By pushing the upper lever of the stapler, he was happy to find his papers stapled in no time! That is great news!
25 Sheets Capacity – It's Great!
Another feature to boast about is the stapler’s 25 sheet capacity. I was very excited to see that on a carton box! I put it to the test, and the stapler performed well: nicely and smoothly.

Celebrate Woman sums up her experience with the Swingline stapler and staples:
  • Attractive and ergonomically built design
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Well-tested on different paper quality materials
  • 25-Sheet stapling capacity
  • Competitive price: $15 for a stapler, $2 for staples
Celebrate Woman noticed one difficult moment with the stapler:
  • Not easily loaded with staples, i.e., when filled cartridge is pushed back, the movement is jammed (maybe, it is just a defect for this specific stapler, and not for the whole line)
Celebrate Woman would recommend one thing for Swingline to implement:
  • Please write neat and short usage instructions on one of the panels on the package in which the stapler arrived. Without it, the product may be easily broken, and you’ll have to deal with all kinds of product exchanges. It’s no fun.
Again, if you have something in mind when it comes to office products and supplies, check out You won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Team provided  Swingline SmartTouch Stapler and a box of Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone.