Friday, December 30, 2011

Burst (or Surge) Training ~ Week 4

Being active, feeling energized and satisfied that I've done my share of physical exertion for a day is important to me. I like to look for more variety of training available in the virtual world. And one of the last discoveries for me personally was a so called "surge training" or "burst training."

Basically, it is a short and very aerobic exercise that can be done in the convenience of my home, if I wish. But I do various elements of surge training at the gym as well.

Here's the Week 4 of surge training offered by Sylvia. I like her style and the simple variety she brings into the routine. Feel free to look into other surge training videos that you find suitable for yourself.

The only trick is – Being Consistent!

If you took a break for whatever reason, pick it up today and proceed with your active exercise routine. Do something every day for your body to be thankful for this ability to move, to feel exertion, and to grasp the benefits of such gift as physical exercise.

Here are the links to the previous weeks of burst or surge training.
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Burst Training Week 1
Burst Training Week 2

With that said, I am wishing you and your loved ones the best wish of all – Health and Prosperity!

Happy Holidays! Joyful 2012!

Celebrate Today!



Renee malo said...

hi stopping by from the hop look forward to reading your posts

momto8 said...

this is great! taking an hour to work out is sometimes to hard to get!

Iana said...

Happy New Year!

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Have A Great Weekend,
- Iana


Kelly Bejelly (A Girl Worth Saving) said...

Great tips!

Sharing some karma from the bloggin social hop.

amyorvin said...

Thanks for the post. I hate exercising though.Terri's Little Haven referred me to the site

Charlotte said...

I liked this article and might try the video tomorrow. I have been walking and eating better and have lost 12 pounds so far. I haven't tried aerobic's yet, but I think I might like it better than walking.

Charlotte said...

By the way, I got here from Terri's Little Haven, thanks!

kima86 said...

Thanks for the post...I'm always on the lookout for different ways to exercise. I've been a Weight Watchers member since late August 2011 & have since lost a little over 38 lbs through eating right and, more importantly, exercise. I don't want my body to get used to the same routine over & over and something like this can help break it up!

Charlotte said...

My daughter and I tried this today and it wasn't as tough as I thought it was going to be and we really enjoyed it. I did the mini squat with a big ball though, with my back to the wall. My husband showed me this method. Thanks for a great workout!

Charlotte said...

Terri's little haven sent me.
We did the routine again today and it was a little easier. I like this instead of walking!