Friday, November 4, 2011

Adventure for Your Kid’s Fantasy – Sprig Dino Rig Review & Giveaway (11/25)

Sprig Dino Rig
What an adventure it is to receive a toy that sparks imagination and happiness in your child?

Sprig toys do just that. And more.

What is a Sprig Toy?

Oh, wow, I cannot just say it in one word. But what I would like to do is to give you a digest why I Love what Sprig company has done for our kids, us, and our planet.

• Use Earth-friendly materials for every toy (recycled plastic and paper)
• Inspire creativity in our kids
• Offer smart design for their toys
• Empower our kids to create their own story while playing with Sprig toys
• Create battery-free, eco-friendly, paint-free, kid-powered toys
• Perfect especially for the preschool-age kids

Look what they’ve got to offer to our kids! Their toys have been arranged into themed series:

1. Adventure Series is created with the Adventure Guides to take your kid on a breath-taking ride in pool, bathtub or in the sand dunes! – Includes Dino Rig, Dolphin Explorer Boat, Scuba Search, and Glider Patrol

2. Sprig Hollow Series designed all the farm vehicles to be a perfect combo for play with water, sand and rough garden or beach environment. All vehicles come well equipped with detachable tools and water-resistant materials – Includes Dunebug’s Sand Truck, Dragonfly’s Heli-Scoopter, and Bee & Butterfly’s Farm

3. Eco-Trucks Series consists of chunky pieces of equipment that are equipped with flip-open cabs and easy-grab handles – Includes Loader and Dump Truck

4. Story Builders Series offers block and panel building sets that are ideal for preschoolers. As they’re building their castles, and houses and barns, they make up their stories along the way – Includes Story Building Palace, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Story Building Barnyard

Every series offers each child a world of fantasy in their own mind. Plus, all these toys are so comfortable to operate and play with! The recycled plastic feels smooth and soft, and playable!

My son loved chunky huge wheels on his Dino Rig! First, my toddler was puzzled with no eyes on the dinos’ and tour guide's faces. But then, he just figured out, it’s just a matter of preference and started playing his own game of hide-and-seek, then mama and baby-dino who didn’t have eyes and how much love this baby-dino needed. Wow, my boy was making his own story as he was taking his Sprig Dino Rig through his own planes of imagination.

I would like to say a huge Thank-You to the Sprig Team who created these toys for our boys and girls. In the age of computers and all-run-on-batteries concept, we need more down-to-earth simple pleasures that give us an immense way to express who we are. Who our kids are.

Let the play begin.

One of the Celebrate Woman Today readers will receive a Sprig Dino Rig thanks to a giveaway offered via Rafflecopter below. Thank you, Sprig Team. We Love You!

Celebrate Your Own Sprig Toy Today!
Disclosure: A Sprig Dino Rig toy was provided to fascilitate this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.