Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Healthy Halloween for Your Kids And All

Halloween is a cool holiday. But the amount of candy being handed out and then trashed is atrociously huge! Besides the trashing part, a big concern comes to those who cannot tolerate sugary treats at all due to diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions.

Here are some examples for low sugar and candy free trick or treat ideas for Halloween.

SugarLess Snacks For Halloween Treat
• Snack size package of popcorn
• Individually wrapped organic Tea for kids
• Juice boxes (my favorite as of today brand is Apple & Eve. Great organic Fruitables juices. Amazing quality, all natural very few ingredients!)
• Apple sauce snack packs
• Fruit leather (watch for the additives in some brands!)
• Snack bars (opt for organic in mini size)
• Bare Fruit trial size packs
• Boxes of raisins
• Fruit roll ups
• Trial size packs of dried veggie chips
• Trial/snack sized bags of crackers
• Individually wrapped pumpkin seed treats
• Sugar free gum (Xylitol sweetened gum)
• Sugar-free candy

Halloween Novelty Toys – Alternative Treat Ideas
• Eyeball or colored bouncy balls or superballs
• Toy puzzle
• Rubber spiders
• Glow in the dark insects
• Slinky
• Slime
• Pumpkin yo-yos
• Glow in the Dark Sticky Hands
• Glow Ball
• Pumpkin or plain noise drums
• Jumping mini plastic spiders
• Glow Extending Hands
• Twisty Flying Spinners

Fun Arts and Crafts Items for Trick or Treaters
• Stickers
• Individual packets of crayons
• Individual packets of chalk
• Small jar of play-do
• Origami paper
• Halloween magic pads
• Halloween stamps
• Halloween mini coloring books
Games and Activity Ideas:
• Jump rope
• Jacks
• Plastic squirt gun
• Halloween character or plain paddle ball
• Tiny decks of cards
• Bubbles
• Halloween hand clappers
• Halloween fun and game books
• Halloween slide puzzles
• Halloween mini pinball
• Black and orange plastic flutes
• Halloween Mini Clackers
• Halloween Tic Tac Toe
• Halloween mini stencils
• Temporary tattoos
• Vampire teeth
• False teeth
• Plastic halloween bracelets
• Green glo bracelets
• Decoder rings
• Halloween themed key chains
• Spider finger puppet

School related Halloween Items
• Halloween bookmarks
• Halloween pencils
• Fancy erasers
• Pencil toppers
• Mini notebooks
• Coins (pennies, nickels, dimes)

Depending where you are going for trick or treating, take flashlights, some warm clothes with you, and water. It is fun to spend a Halloween evening with your friends and family. Always more fun with more people to share joy and happiness.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Have Fun.

Celebrate Your Halloween!