Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word World for Your Child – Start Early! Review

WordWorld DVD: Get Up And Move
 My kiddo is growing up. Fast. And with each playing routine that I do with him, I do my best to vary and introduce different crafts, musical, and physical activities. And my child does love a good movie!

A very interesting thing happens when he watches any cartoon on his DVD player. He doesn’t sit still. He is active. He runs. He jumps. He follows almost the same trajectories of movement like the heroes in those DVDs. To watch my son watching a video is an amazing FUN for me!

A couple of months ago, I was sent a DVD for testing and reviewing by the WordWorld guys. The name of the DVD is Get Up And Move. What a great beginning right in the title!

My son just started watching this new video last week. And he keeps asking for it again and again. To say the least, I was impressed by the innovative way of introducing Words and Sounds to a newbie, my child who is 3 years-old. It’s not just the presentation through animation. It is a methodical, science-based system that is offered in a playful, fun way to be and to act.

And my boy loves it because it’s full of music, rhymes, physical activities that those characters perform with him!

The characters of this DVD are not many. And that allows to get acquainted with them well. And fall in love with each of them for their friendship and real-like-life characteristics! These characters are Duck, Dog, Pig, Frog, Sheep, Bear, and Ant.

Why I DO Recommend this Phenomenal DVD by WordWorld to any mom with children who cannot read yet. Because WordWord:
• Is based on research with preschool children, teachers and parents
• Draws from four (4) skill sets: Print Awareness, Phonetics and Letter Knowledge, Comprehension, and Socio-Emotional skills
• Organized in a musical and supportive way for a child
• Encourages to love the world of words

If you are on the lookout of an educational, yet very informative, social and reading-skill based tools – head to the web and find a DVD from WordWorld. You will enjoy it yourself. And your kiddo would love it. And who knows, may be she’ll say “thank you” for that later in life.

Celebrate WordWorld Fun Education Today!

Disclosure: I only write about products I believe in and/or use personally and the companies who truly advance forward the best traits of the humankind. I was sent a complimentary DVD by WordWorld to fascilitate this review.

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