Monday, April 11, 2011

Winners for the FuzziBunz & BabyBond Giveaways

Another round of exciting products with giveaways is over. And the winners who are celebrating today their awesome prizes are:


#47 Rosie
#143 Melanie
BabyBond Couture Nursing Cover

#5 Lilun2005

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Please forward me your full names and mailing addresses, so I could submit them to the sponsors of these great prizes.

Thank you, my dear women, and enjoy your week ahead of you.

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Celebrate Woman Today

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Winners of Yumnuts Cashews Gourmet Giveaway #10, #24

Yumnuts Cashews Gourmet Package
Hello everyone!

The 2 Winners for the Yumnuts Cashews Gourmet package are:
#10 "meliya"


#24 "latanya"

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Thank you and Celebrate Your Win Today!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winners of Giveaways on Celebrate Woman Today

Violight UV Toothbrush Sanitizer ~ Winner #84, "Christal Couturier"
Harvest of Heaven Snacks ~ Winner #54, "hity88"
Sinus Rinse Kit ~ 2 Winners #8 "latanya", and #12 "lilun2005"

I have emailed all the winners to their individual email addresses provided to me in the comments or in their profile. Please respond to me with your full name and mailing address to claim the prizes.

Your names and mailing addresses will be forwarded to sponsors who provided their products for giveaways on Celebrate Woman Today Blog.

More prizes and giveaways are coming. Also, stay tuned to a very interesting announcement.

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Celebrate Your Relationships Today! And Prizes, Too!


Celebrate Woman Today

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011 – Celebrate With Me!

What a great event created by my fellow-bloggers Janice and Susan at 5 Minutes For Moms!!!

This year, I found my own 5 minutes to create and participate in this huge event!

Yes, every year this Ultimate Blog Party participation is growing by leaps and bounds. So happy that we are getting connected with more friends via this amazing technology!

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My blog is all about finding eco-clean and healthy products for You and Me to use, and share with our precious families. The "healthy" concept is all about clean and green, non-toxic, life energy producing, education enhancing products. The products that will be in your life for many years without any fear to get any side-effects from using them. That's Healthy!

I am thankful for you, My Visitors and Followers! Keep in Touch via Email (get subscribed to Celebrate Woman Today), Twitter, Facebook. Any questions – send me an email! I do answer them all!

Here's my bundle of Joy who started in the ICU from his birth and look what he's become as of this winter!
ICU from Day 1 3 years ago

3rd Winter this year

With all my Love to You and Your Families!

Celebrate the Ultimate Meeting of New People Today!