Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eat Cleaner Launches on QVC – Get Your Annual Supply Of It

Mareya Ibrahim Debuts on QVC March 6, 2011
Congratulations! One more Healthy, Natural, Non Toxic product made its way into a Big Mass Market!

Eat Cleaner All Natural Food Spray and Wipes

It is such a huge event, an Achievement when a product makes its way to some great Networks selling great stuff.

Mareya Ibrahim and her brand product Eat Cleaner did it! They air March 6 on QVC with David as a host. You do not know David? Well, simply put he's a guru who works magic in the QVC kitchen!

Mark your calender if you buy items from Networks like QVC: March 6, 12 NOON Eastern Time! You are going to get a deal of a lifetime!

And as an extra, if you really would like to try and use Eat Cleaner in your kitchen, email Mareya with your cell phone number at info@eatcleaner.com for a huge chance to win an Annual Supply of Eat Cleaner for your family!
Email your cell phone number to win Annual Supply of Eat Cleaner to: info@eatcleaner.com

Here's what Eat Cleaner Products DO for Your and your Family's Health.

• Extend produce shelf life 200% longer, saving you an average of $50/month
• Inhibits browning on light colored produce
• Removes wax and contaminants that water can't
• Waterless cleaning solutions let you enjoy fresh produce on the go

Here's more on Mareya Ibrahim and Eat Cleaner Product. I've been using her product for the past 1-1/2 year and do see HUGE improvements in my produce quality and its life span, so to say.

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