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Weight Loss Motivation Tips By Laura Stearn, The Founder of Pantzies

Laura Stearn
It is my regular feature to ask the business women whom I interview about their ways to healthy lifestyle and their challenges of keeping their weight where it should be. It is so individual, you know it.

Laura Stearn is one of those women who was totally open and receptive to go through this exercise with me, i.e., answering my question about weight loss and weight control, and how she manages it all in her crazily busy schedule.

Eager to know what she said?

CelebrateWoman (CW) Laura, have you ever had any challenges with your body weight and body image? And how do you deal with healthy weight control and maintenance in your business schedule?

Laura Stearn (LS) I found during my life that attending to my personal needs is crucial to be successful in other areas of life.

On TV and in the advertising world, we see skinny models. It makes us feel inadequate at times. Because we do compare our looks with those that are flashing at us from all directions: television, magazines, ads we see in the streets.

I think that at some point of our life, we do wish to look like those skinny women offered to us as an ideal weight bearers. And we diet. And we skip meals.

Having my own business and demanding schedule, it was really hard for me to maintain my regular weight that I was happy with. I caught myself grabbing sugary snacks to have a quick high for energy. It just did not and could not work for a long time.

I made a conscious decision to completely turn around my thinking about eating and about food overall.

Now, it is not hard for me to stay lean and healthy, and maintain my ideal weight.

What did I do?

The first thing I did was to eliminate all refined foods, fast sugars, and fried foods. There were no donuts for my lunch or a quick pick-me-upper.

In about six weeks by just doing the above, I lost 10 pounds. I was thrilled. I literally had more energy to work and fulfill my goals. And work more effectively, I must say.

I started to understand that all that stuff that makes us feel good for a short period of time – like refined foods and sweets – only add to the inner body’s inflammation that is a precursor to many diseases, like heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and finally obesity.

Just eliminating wrong foods could put our bodies back on track. And make us happy again.

(CW) What is your #1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself?

(LS) Eating for health, not for weight loss.

Emotions are very much involved with all overeating and eating “comfort” – wrong – foods.

I eat mindfully for my body (health), not for my “head” (indulgence).

I think that may be helpful to women if they inform themselves on what good nutrition really is and how it affects our entire body and mind. There’s so much invaluable information at our finger tips today with the Internet. If you don’t know something – just Google it!

(CW) Any personal word for all my women-readers who go through their weight loss and weight management issues?

(LS) Each person has her own thermostat. Feel what your body tells you. Acknowledge how you feel about your life and what’s happening in it.

Find something you really love doing on the daily basis. Personally, I love walking, doing chi kung.

Love yourself first.

Know yourself.

Wherever you are in life, it’s OK.

Set your goals and don’t give up.
Be grateful.

This is another example of the super busy woman who is at the head of a big business and how she manages her weight situation.

You see, my dear women, it’s all about Making a Decision First, before you undertake any efforts in your personal weight loss. Read my article on the same subject here: Make A Decision To Lose Weight – Then Do It. Not Vice Versa.

Celebrate Your True You Today!

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