Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Sleep – How Serious Are You About It?

Twilight Sea Turtle, Cloud B
Sleep and its healing qualities are so much underestimated. And neglected.

The reasons could be so many. Excuses are even bigger why we do not get enough sleep. It is understandable. Life demands a lot from us at times.

However, what we don’t know and do not wish to acknowledge could literally kill us.

Good sleeping habits are developed in very early childhood. Lack of sleep in little kids could lead to various chronic diseases in adulthood, including, but not limited to, obesity.

Here’s a blog post I did just recently on the sleep subject for kids. – Give Your Child The Gift Of Sleeping Hours.

Currently, I have a situation with my toddler who refuses to sleep without his night lamp on. Though I use the lowest watt bulb available, the light cycle can interfere with the deep sleep cycle.

In a word, a child won’t get into a deep sleep cycle when all the important bodily functions are happening. One of the most important is cell and organ rejuvenation. Without that being taken care of, a growing organism can easily “stumble” and negative outcomes in child’s health and behavior may follow.

To take care of that light-at-night problem, I’ve been searching Internet for available solutions. I think I have found one, but I need to buy the product and try it out. Let me tell you what I have in mind.

I was really fascinated by some creative solutions the Cloud B company has in mind and in store for our kids.

First, I reviewed all their products on their website. Second, I searched for their medical, clinical, and educational premises to advertise their sleep products the way they do.

And you know what? I was pleasantly surprised by the team of Pediatricians, Educators,  Business Partners, and Regular Mom-Citizens who develop, test, and educate the public about their product line.

Cloud B has a variety of products to satisfy babies and toddlers’ sleep needs. The Company’s mission is to provide high-quality products that are Functional and Safe. The understanding and treating of the sleep function as a very important developmental stage in each child’s life, and then developing great products that fulfill that need – that is exceptionally rare these days.

My low bows to the founders of Cloud B who continue to move their company to bigger and better sleep solution products for babies and kids.

With all that in mind, I chose a product Twilight Sea Turtle that I really do hope will allow my son to have a better, deeper sleep at night. Take a look at the features of this nightlight friend:

  • Shell illuminates for a calming effect (choice of interchangeable  colors of blue, green, aquamarine)
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Educational projections on the ceiling: night sky, stars
  • Cute Feature here: Sea Turtle storybook and adoption certificate
I like the price tag for this great sleeping aid, too: $29.95.

Currently, there are at least two promotions I have noticed on the website
  1. Buy $35 worth of Sleep Sheep & Friends products and receive a Free Polar Cub Pillow ($20 value; an amazing product on its own!)
  2. Up to 40% OFF for a limited time for Gifts & Accessories
If you have any sleep issues with your little ones, I would encourage you to check out the sleeping options that Cloud B has in mind and in store for you.

Celebrate A Sleep Solution Today!

Disclosure: I only write about products I believe in and/or use personally and the companies who truly advance forward the best traits of the humankind. I am not compensated for my opinions. I was not provided any samples for this review.
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