Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pocoyo Celebrates Big Hollywood Night Giveaway

Pocoyo and Friends (courtesy of

You haven't heard of Pocoyo?

Well, this is something any kid and kids-at-heart would welcome into their world.

Pocoyo is a boy - animated, but still a boy - who travels the world, plays with his friends and animals, explores and celebrates his life. He stars in educational and entertaining videos that teach the values of living life fully and in the moment.

If you would like to experience Pocoyou and the values he brings into our kids' lives, here's a chance to win a set of videos about Pocoyo.
Pocoyo DVD, courtesy of (you may get the whole set!)

Go to the Shop With Me Mama blog and enter her giveaway to get those vDVDs into your kid's hands! You'll enjoy them!

It is nice to know that Pocoyo has already been a World-wide phenomenon. He won International awards and prices. One of the biggest is of the British Academy of Film and Television. Bravo Pocoyo!