Friday, January 7, 2011

Your 5 Top Health Foods With... Negative Calories

The title says it all. So, this post will be short and easy.

Mind the fact that all of these foods are water and fiber-rich!

The phrase "negative calories" refers to the fact that it takes more calories to digest these foods than to consume them.

Here's your 5 Top Health Foods With Negative Calories:

1. Celery
     •  anti-inflammatory (all diseases are some sort of inflammation in your body!)
     • cuts ovarian cancer (apigenin found in celery contributes to this quality!)
2. Lettuce, onions, greens
     • immune boosters
     • anti-inflammatory properties
3. Kelp Noodles
     • rich in minerals (made out of sea kelp)
4. Pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut
     • fermented foods are rich in prebiotics (food for your internal flora) + probiotics (good gut flora)
     • anti-inflammatory
5. Grapefruit
     • rich in antioxidants
     • naringenin in this fruit breaks up fat in liver!
      • Sea Salt

Why Sea Salt? It has "live" ions in it! Which, in turn, contributes to your real Energy feel during the day. Ions help with supplying your blood stream with real electrolytes. You could also put a real Sea Salt into your drinking water bottle for your workouts at the gym! The do make a huge difference in your workout output.

Where to find REAL Sea Salt, not the white processed salt that claims to be "sea salt?"

Here's a link to a tremendous website that has an amazing collection of various sea salts! You will be surprised what is out there in the sea salt market!
Gourmet Sea Salt

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