Friday, January 21, 2011

Live Vibrantly With Liv Breast Self-Exam Aid

My husband just returned from his business trip with a gift for me.

I was surprised and sincerely touched what he brought home. It was a Liv Breast Self-Exam Aid.

The storage package where this heart-shaped jello-like pad lives was passionately signed by Olivia Newton-John. Yes, the same Olivia from Grease with John Travolta. Olivia survived breast cancer herself, and her self-exam was the first step to her successful recovery.

Now, Olivia is a spokes person promoting a Liv self-exam aid for all women to use in their life.

Do you do your monthly breast exams? Seriously? On the regular basis, not just once in a blue moon? Well, if you don't, you'd better start right away. I am saying it with passion and compassion, and all the vigor I have within me to encourage you to get this discipline to do it once a month.

You can "prevent" breast cancer by early detection. But you need to be in control of this self-examination process. It is like anything you do in life. Exercise regularly. Eat living foods. Maintain healthy weight. Do monthly breast self-exams.

I did not hear about this new breast self-exam campaign – Liv Your Best Life – using a new self-exam aid. It would be great to start using something that was designed with me – a woman – in mind.

I can't wait to start using Liv breast self-exam aid!

All information about how to use this Liv aid, and live tutorial videos, and Olivia's role in this new campaign, visit this place on the Internet:

Take Charge Of Your Health And Liv

I liked this micro site as it is very easy to navigate. It is cleanly designed and gives all the necessary information we need to know about the Liv self-exam aid.

The big plus of this campaign is that it targets big corporations that would purchase these Liv self-exam aids and gift them to their recipients. I love this!

With love to all of you, my Powerful Women.

Celebrate Your Liv Today!

PS: If you know a woman-entrepreneur who has created healthy product(s), please let me know, so we could spread the word about her and her contribution to this planet.
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