Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Broccoli Done Right For Your Body

Just a quick note for those of you who are adding "new" items to their daily green foods.

If you are eating broccoli, the best way to eat it is either raw, sprouted or steamed. Why?

During the boiling and deep cooking, the enzyme – myrosinase – that is responsible for forming anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory compound in broccoli will be destroyed. Without this enzyme, broccoli, basically loses its golden diseases-fighting properties.

Also, please note if you are into supplements containing broccoli, you may not get what you're looking for. One of the studies, just published, mentions both supplements and overcooked broccoli as deficient of the major enzyme myrosinase that is the key to broccoli's beneficial qualities.

Please include fresh broccoli in your daily feast of foods. Why? Just look at this short sample list:
  • Protects arteries against inflammation (and as you already know, inflammation is a precursor to many chronic diseases)
  • Protects the gut from harmful flora that leads to stomach ulcers and cancer
  • Protects the lungs in those who smoke and in those who are just passive smokers, i.e., second-hand smoking
Don't shy away from broccoli! It's good, it's yummy, it gives you more variety in your daily food menu.

Celebrate Your New Beginnings Today!

Mitchell, Deborah, Steam Broccoli, Add Sprouts to Boost Cancer Fighting Benefits. Emax Health, Jan 30, 2011

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