Monday, December 27, 2010

True Value of Giving and Living

This holiday season my almost-three-year-old was already making his wishes for Mr. Santa Clause to bring certain presents. Mostly, they were cars: blue, red, green.

I was watching with fascination how this little person was talking to Santa under the Christmas tree reminding him to bring those precious gifts. The reminder came many, many times during the day. And Santa was patient.

As the Christmas was nearing, and a bundle of joy was ready to burst on a Christmas morning, my little boy came up to me with his box of self-made bracelets and necklaces (he's such a great beader at his age!) and asked me if Santa would like to have some of his treasures.

Of course Santa would appreciate your offering to him, my little one!

What we did that very day will stay in our memories forever.

We took my son's beaded treasures, grabbed some of his books and toys and headed to the teenage shelter in downtown. I let him hand out and give away his treasures to the teens in the shelter. His fascination and pleasure with the process were the high point of everybody inside that big room which the homeless teens call home.

I told my almost-three-year-old son that day that the biggest gift we ever get is a connection from one human soul to another. To grow these connections, we are to give, and give with joy, and happiness, and willingness.

Have you Talked to your little one about the greatest gift of giving this season?

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