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Weight Loss Motivation Tips by Patricia Spenser, The GrabGreen Founder

Patricia Spencer, Founder of GrabGreen
Health and vibrance are an essential part of our daily life. They are even more important when we are on the journey, on the path of our dreams coming true.

Every time I meet an interesting and exciting person, I notice one very prominent trend in their life – Caring about their personal physical and mental health and doing something for each component every single day.

Ways of doing it may be very different. But the leitmotif is strong and powerful. You have to do something to stay in prime spiritual and physical health in order to remain creative in all areas of your life.

In my interviews, my curiosity touches upon the person’s (whom I am interviewing) healthy routine for their bodies and minds. And it is not just about weight loss and weight maintenance. It is directly about the sources of their creative juices and willpower, and tendencies to persevere when a situation calls.

In a word, when a person takes care of their healthy weight maintenance, a lot of components get into the game. By that I mean that the tip-top shape of the body will allow that person to find motivation for things that only are possible on the path of their dreams. And these dreams are cultivated early on in our childhood and grow, and change, and develop with years to come.

Here’s what Patricia Spenser thinks and does to keep herself in top shape, mentally and physically.

CelebrateWoman   Patricia, have you ever had your weight challenges, especially when you started your own company?

Patricia Spencer   All my life I have been taking care of my body and mind. I do watch what I eat. Yet, I do enjoy life’s sweet desserts when I want to. I don’t believe in restrictions to the max, when both mind and body get into conflict.

CelebrateWoman   What is your #1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself?

Patricia Spencer   Being happy. And remain happy throughout any circumstances in life.

Happiness brings more self-confidence in me. And yes, I love the foods that truly nourish my body. With a well-fed body, I feel happier and more capable of truly coming up with the stuff I never imagined before.

Being happy and healthy supports my major role in life, that is being a Mom.

CelebrateWoman   Any personal word for my readers who learn and get motivated by meeting real women like you?

Patricia Spencer   Keep moving forward! Even if you had a bad day. We all make mistakes. Beating yourself up only takes your energy away from more important projects of your lifetime. Just keep moving forward.

And yes, we are moving forward towards bigger and better things in life. Just a few days ago I saw someone saying that life is a difficult thing to live, but it doesn’t mean we need to feel unhappy to life it.

So, my dear powerful Women, let’s Celebrate the days of our own lives with Joy, and Compassion, and a lot of motivation for self-fulfillment. That’s a truly blissful moment to be in.
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