Friday, November 5, 2010

Cleansing, Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Loss

Oh, how many times you’ve heard about the benefits of cleansing? That is cleansing of your gut, so that your body could get rid of toxins and by-products produced by your body, and rejuvenate itself?

This task should not be taken lightly!

Being a vegetarian and consuming a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables on the daily basis, and leading an active lifestyle, I am not that big user of cleansing with pills and colonix.

Again, it’s not that I am against it, I just do my own cleansing using fresh veggies with their natural juices and fibers.

Well, I do my continuous research of what’s out there in the market place in terms of healthy products for the body. Several months ago, I came across the DrNatura’s cleansing system. After doing my due-diligence in researching what that system does, I thought it would be interesting to try it out on myself.

A couple weeks later I was offered this product for testing. Here’s what I found out based on my own body’s reaction.
1. The cleansing system by DrNatura consists of 3 products:
• Paranil, an herbal liver and colon purifying complex
• Colonix, intestinal cleanser, and
• KleriTea, for regularity and detoxification

2. As I already had a good understanding of all the ingredients in all three products, I still decided to test each product separately first. This is necessary to find out if I would have any adverse reaction to any of the products.

3. I tried each product separately for two days each. Paranil and Colonix felt great. When it came down to trying KleriTea, I had a very severe reaction: I was dizzy and nauseous. So, I decided not to take this product.

NB: I tried to re-introduce KleriTea on my 10th day of the program, but I felt very dizzy and nauseous again. So, KleriTea was out for good.

4. I made notes for each day on how I felt.

5. I took Paranil and Colonix in the morning every day for 30 days. The overall experience was positive.

6. I drank plenty of water (recommended 8 glasses).

7. I did not feel any, so to say, break-throughs. I did not feel any negative side-effects. My body guided me in this whole process. If KleriTea was not accepted, I just continued taking Paranil and Colonix.

This product is designed to clean and detoxify the body’s intestinal tract. I do hope that’s what it did. Based on the ingredients for both products, this product gently did its job.

8. What I liked about this product is:

• It is Vegetarian
• Every single ingredient in the product is very well researched and tested separately by • the holistic and medical communities
• It is very easy to take and is gentle on the body

9. Who could use this product?

Those who would like to feel better, lighter, and improve their intestinal flora, and overall health.

With cleansing, many wonderful things can happen to our bodily health. Cleansing and detoxification are a must for anybody who cares to live a happy, productive, and inspiring life.

DrNatura’s Cleansing system is gentle on the body. With the exception of KleriTea, my body took other two products really well.

This is my short report on the subject of Cleansing and Detoxification for a better and healthier life with results of natural weight loss. Those of you who went through your own cleansing process, please share with us your experiences.

Thank you for being my readers.

Celebrate A Fresh Look Today.