Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Best Celebration Comes With... Your Christmas Card

Oh yes, it is time and place to start a conversation about your gift ideas for Christmas 2010!

The trail of creative thoughts and ways to congratulate one another is endless. But nothing can beat the power of Word delivered in a personalized, customized Christmas card. Big or small, in green or red, embelished with gold, silver, stickers, decorated with your pictures from cruises, hikes, or extreme adventure dives – Christmas cards are a unique and from the heart and soul messages that can touch a soul of other person and leave the most memorable gift of the season.

And the ideas and ways to make personalized and from-the-heart Christmas cards in this digital age are endless. Just check out and try your hand and mind at the PurpleTrail’s personalized holiday cards. 

You shall be surprised how easy and joyful it is to make something that is Yours for someone who you care a lot. Not convinced? Well, here are some ideas for you to consider, to ponder about, to start creating your personal memories about each holiday season.

1. Take your favorite picture of the year and decorate it with appliques of your choice. Decorate yourself, in the picture, with hats, and glasses, and outfits that would "shake" the world with laughter and make others to give you a call and tell you how creative your Christmas card is!

2. Cut the heads images from any of your picture(s) and populate them on the Scenary photo you took this year. That could be fun and show others where you've been this past year.

3. Make an arrangement – a collage – of the most memorable events of this year. Have the tags ready for each picture, so the others will know who is in the picture and what the even is. This one is the best loved Christmas card ever! It's quick and easy, and fun to do.

4. This one is for the Creative Soles. Have each member of the family think of one thing they mostly thankful for this year.

Then, make a short, just a couple of lines, rhyme or description of each thankful note.

Lastly, group your images, family members and gifts in a collage, connect each thankful thought to a person it belongs to.

On the inside of the card, write your rhymes about what each person is thankful for.

5. This one will amaze anyone, including you! Do your Christmas card by using Purple Trail's gift cards ideas. The ways and creative thoughts you can put into just one card would surprise you!

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