Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's In Your Blood Can Raise Your LDL, Bad Cholesterol

More and more research comes out these days to confirm how things that surround us – you, your family, kids, pets – are so harmful to our health. The more we live, the more we accumulate of that "stuff" that can easily result in cancers, chronic metabolic diseases, and at the end, death.

The newest discovery is that non-stick cookwear and waterproof fabrics are directly linked to higher LDL, Bad Cholesterol, in kids.

Wow, don't they get it? I mean the manufacturers, the retailer, the Government at the end, and the beginning. Profits are profits. But when there won't be people on this earth and in this country who are healthy, who can give birth to healthy kids, and who can propel all of us and the future generations to the progress of it all...

The final result becomes obscure, even with billions of profits in some pockets.
The least we can, and should, do collectively is to Not use the products that are harmful to the core of our human DNA.

Choose all that is simple, that comes from those who care, and works without a second thought of "What if in ten years?"

How do you choose? One of the simple steps is when you can read and understand ingredients on the label. If you start doing at least this – we're still in the game as a Human Race.

Thank You And Let's Celebrate Simple Things Today!

Please read the discussion in detail about the harmful effects of non-stick cookware and waterproof fabrics here: 
Non-stick Cookware And Waterproof Fabrics Linked To Higher Cholesterol Levels In Kids
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