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Weightloss Motivation Tips by Jen Ryan, The Mooloolaba Founder

This is regular section where I ask the interviewee about their preferences, tips, wishes about their lifestyle that keeps them going.

Healthy weight maintenance is very important to not only live a happy, active life, but also to run your own business successfully.

Every woman does it differently, based on her experience, her knowledge, her focus in life. I asked Jen Ryan how can she be so successful and still find time to look and feel great. Here’s what she said.
CelebrateWoman (CW)  Jen, have you had your weight challenges in your life, especially when you got involved with your business?

Jen Ryan (Jen) I did not have any difficulties maintaining my healthy weight in my life. My love for sports, active lifestyle, great living food of vegetables and fruit, plus fish supported me and my body for a long time.

Being in business and very busy, I still find time for healthy foods and exercise.

CW  What is the #1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself?

Jen  Do something active every single day. At least 30 minutes of exercise for me on hte daily basis.

I am really aware what I put into my mouth food-wise. I do not eat deep fried foods at all.

And of course, portions, portions, portions! We do not need to eat ten pounds of food in one sitting!

CW  Any personal word for all my women-readers who do care about healthy weight and vibrant lifestyle?

Jen  Try to do something for yourself that makes you feel alive and supports your self-motivation.

It takes some self-training to “schedule” time for your own needs and wants. Do it without delay and hesitation.

Be conscious what you and your thoughts do to your own body. Stress, worries will only prolong your miserable existence. When you are at peace within, you make decisions that solve any critical situation no matter what. You are a winner, no less, no more.
With Jen’s attitude about the importance of staying in peace with ourselves, all dreams are possible. Let’s celebrate our ability to release all the worries and find peace inside.

With that, the sky’s the limit!

Celebrate Yourself Today.

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