Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Killer At Large Lives In Your Neighborhood

Probably, you've already guessed what kind of a killer I am going to talk about in this post.

Yes, it is a national epidemic that everyone tries to solve – from the government agencies to private companies. Yes, it is a very emotional and personal matter. Yes, it is an exceptionally expensive priority we need to resolve. Not in a hundred years. But starting Today.

What truly matters is that this problem should be taken into close scrutiny by every single person who has it, who lives near by it, who is responsible.

Our kids are dying from this silent epidemic. Pretty soon, it won't be silent any more. As we will be hearing more and more waling sounds of parents, friends, relatives of ... you finish this sentence yourself.

Obesity epidemic is complex. It's not just stop eating junk crap and exercise more. No, it entails more. Much more. It requires 100% attention of you and me to start with.

If you want to change the fate of this generation of kids who will be dying before their parents will (CDC said that, not me), join me in educating yourself about this monster killer at large. Make truly healthy choices in foods you eat yourself and feed your family. Get your butt out there into the street and walk or jog 1K daily! Yes, every day!

This is a very emotional subject to talk about. But we need the truth splashed out into our faces from a huge bucket of reality.

Watch this short version of Killer At Large by Steven Greenstreet. How do we solve the obesity epidemic? Who is to solve it? When are we going to declare victory over it?

After watching the movie, if you are still not convinced that Obesity needs to be eliminated once and for all, you are probably blind and deaf. Please take care of your condition first.

Celebrate Your Knowledge, Your Power To Change The World Around You Today!

PS: If you'd like a full version of this movie, let me know.

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