Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bags Of Goods – Customized To Your Lifestyle

Taking care of your home is a big part of taking care of the whole planet Earth. Let me explain.

For several years, I've made it my mission to transfer my whole household into a green, eco-friendly environment. I am always on the lookout for the best naturally derived products that can clean my house and home without any negative health effects.

Being a vegetarian, I say a loud "YES" to those products that are recyclable and/or contribute the minimum to the greenhouse effect of our planet.

That is why I celebrate and spread the word about the companies and their achievements when they do the right thing for the climate, and you, and me.

If you are a bag fashionista, you are not alone! The truth to be said about bags and purses: They do add character and conveniences to our image.

There are bags that are made of leather and those that use man-made materials for their unique looks. I do not buy those that are crafted out of animal parts.

Merle O'Brien does not use leather either. Yet, she is considered to be one of the most creative persons I've ever met in my life. What does Merle do? She saves our landfills from being trashed with unused fabrics and remnants of artificial nature.

After salvaging all of that, she turns it into a high Fashion. Bags and Purses. Check it out, these individual pieces are colorful, modern, and very comfortable to carry around. Any woman could choose a style and color she favors in her new acquisition and show it off to everyone!

These bags are Fun, too! They can serve a variety of uses: Shopping, Beach, Gym, Theater, Casual Wear.
How did Merle come up with this idea to make bags out of the remnants of various fabrics? Here what she shared with us.

Merle O'Brien: The inspiration for OlovesM Bags came to me while I was in the downward dog pose in youga class.

The idea literally popped into my head – What happens to [yoga] mats that are no longer used or thrown out?

I did a ton of research to find out that a lot of mats are made from PVC and det tossed into lnadfills – even new ones!

So I went on a quest to find those un-used mats and make Functional-Unique-Hip-Sassy bags!

I do love women who create such products that are both high in value and easy on the Planet.

Celebrate Recycling Fashionable Bags Today!

NB: I do trust you've gotten one of those recyclable shopping bags to carry with you to your grocery store! If not, please do so! – With love to you.

PS: If you have any questions to Merle O'Brien, please leave them in the comments below. She will definitely read and answer them.
PPS: If you know a woman-entrepreneur who has created healthy product(s), please let me know, so we could spread the word about her and her contribution to this planet.

Disclosure: I only write about products I believe in and use personally and the companies who truly advance forward the best traits of the humankind. I am not compensated for my opinions.
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