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Woman With Passion for Green...

... as in “Definitely for green Earth.” There are more and more people getting very common and uncommon diseases and infections these days. The medical profession goes fast about it: Treat them with antibiotics. At times, this works. Sometimes, it fails.
One of the most important measures to make any treatment successful is having clean environment and surfaces that touch the person’s skin. Clean is a synonym to Healthy Life in addition to all of those meanings that exist.

How do you make surfaces clean? You wash. You disinfect. You wash again. With what? All kinds of chemical solutions that kiss microbes good-bye.

What would you say if you knew that your clothes, towels, bed sheets had anti-microbial properties, meaning “stopped harmful organisms from intruding upon your space?”

Yvonne Busbee is a woman-entrepreneur who has created products and product ideas that do exactly that. And more. To be exact, Yvonne uses Functional Fibers that have abilities to control bacterial regeneration, have electrical conductivity (for you, it’s to keep you warm or cool), and require minimal resources to produce. That’s quite a beautiful handful of characteristics to have!

Having a privilege to meet and interview this amazing woman makes my readers a notch more empowered with what Yvonne has created and how she managed to find herself in a germ-free spot.
Functional Fibers for Germ FREE Life

CelebrateWoman (CW) Yvonne, how did it happen that you started your own company with the products that do not have any equivalent in the current market?

Yvonne Busbee (Yvonne) It all happen through a friendly introduction to a gentleman from Germany who created fiber with silver ions in them. It is no miracle that silver ions have antibacterial properties.

My husband and I saw a huge potential for a healthy living through usage of products made of such material. Besides, to produce such fibers is exceptionally – extremely – friendly on the eco system. That’s how our company XtremEarth came to life.

CW How did your new company changed your life: What was it life before and after?

Yvonne Before it was Nursing School, Accounting School, two kids to take care of. Life was extremely busy. Little did I know what to expect from me being an owner of the company!

The company got started in 2006. There was a lot of testing and product development that had to be done. But the goal of getting this functional fiber out into this world was really strong.

What makes this fiber different is that during its  patented manufacturing process silver ions are infused into its structure. These ions have antibacterial and temperature controlling (conductivity) properties. Plus, they do not escape by washing out the fabrics in which they are woven. The fibers itself

Being a nurse and knowing a huge need for products that could help patients to get a quicker recovery avoiding additional infection from various surgical procedures drove me forward even more. One little change like robes with antimicrobial properties for medical personnel and patients could be a huge step in improving recovery rates in our hospitals.

CW Who are those remarkable people that influenced your creative, professional, and personal life that lead you to starting and sustaining this company?

Yvonne My husband is a very creative person. I met him before we started XtremEarth. His visionary leadership helped us to navigate through the many obstacles.

My nursing background and knowledge of the medical field helped to propel our company into many uses of these incredible functional fibers.

My family has been always my driving force for everything I have achieved so far. My daughter and grandson are amazing inspiration to me for so many ideas I put into my business.

CW Has your involvement with XtremEarth products and company changed your self-image, and your relationships with family and friends?

Yvonne Building this company from scratch made me feel of a great potential of touching so many lives. As a nurse, I’m always meeting patients and see their health problems. I’m always in that compassion mode of resolving their situation successfully.

The functional fibers could be a direct answer of helping and improving quality of life of many people with medical conditions and of those who are healthy. Using fabrics with functional fibers that have silver ions could be used in bed soars, E. coli, candida prevention. That all could be prevented without using any chemicals!

CW Is there anything that was a surprise to you that you did not expect on your way creating your company and products?

Yvonne A lot of beaurocracy of passing past ETA and FDA. For example, we need to specify in our testing that silver ions protect the product surface (like towels, socks, etc.), not a person from microbial intrusion. It’s a huge surprise what we can and what we cannot claim on our products. That is why education plays a huge role in getting useful information out to masses.
CW Yvonne, how do you see XtremEarth will effect your life in the future?

Yvonne I would say I see potential of changing how people live their daily lives. I already see a lot of benefits of using my own products at home.

I use no detergent on the towels and clothes made with functional fibers. If they are really, really soiled, then I use a small cap of natural detergent during a washing cycle.

All the towels in my bathrooms and in the kitchen are my company’s products. Less germs on the body and kitchen counters and floors! I love it! I already see my life changing having living it in a healthier, cleaner, germs-less way.

CW What is the #1 Thing you would like your customers to know about XtremEarth products?

Yvonne The Number 1 thing is a combination of two things: Sustainability and functionality of our products. There’s no product in the current market that has such a variety of uses with antimicrobial properties for a lot of industries like medical, agricultural, confection and many more.

Silver ions keep the surfaces they touch clean and fresh.

I also call our functional fibers “climate changing fibers” as the clothes made out of it regulate body temperature: keeping it warm or cool depending on the weather.

CW If we talked to all of your friends and family, what would they tell us about you and your involvement with your company?

Yvonne That I follow my heart. All my decisions touch lives of people to help them and improve the quality of their lives. With XtremEarth products they can do it affordably and sustainably.

My biggest thing in life is to help.

CW What keeps you going day after day?

Yvonne I am a workaholic.The sheer excitement of getting closer to my goals gets me going and thriving each day.

Educating people in what this product with functional fibers can do for them in their everyday life is my goal. Once they know what it does, they make changes in their lives.

There’s so much do, I feel it’s just the beginning of my journey of helping people and improving the quality of their lives.

CW How do you celebrate your achievements, mistakes, and even failures?

Yvonne I celebrate by taking a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a long one. It may be just one day. But this time off allows me to step back and look at how close we’ve come and how great it feels in changing lives.

Looking at my grandson and teaching him about clean and fresh life feels fulfilling and refreshing. This company has made huge changes in the lives of my family.

Mistakes are celebrated by being acknowledged and moving forward without fear.

CW After a long day, when you close your eyes and reflect on the day, just before you go to sleep, what goes through your heart and mind?

Yvonne I feel thankful for blessings I was given. This opportunity, health of my family, and knowledge to be able to make right decisions, not just a ton of money make me feel happy and humble at the same time.
The concept that my own clothes can stop harmful bacteria and microbes is facsinating to me. And it can be done. It is already reality of life, not just a concept. Thanks to women like Yvonne Busbee. Want to know what those products and product ideas are?

What’s Next: Yvonne Busbee celebrates her XtremEarth products for cleaner, healthier life

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