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Weight Loss Motivation Tips by Harshita Lohia, The Silk Designer Guru

RECAP: Harshita Lohia has mastered a unique technique of creating masterful designs on silk. Her wear pieces exude colorful happiness and joy for everyone who takes a chance to wear them.

Being in business and leading a super intense schedule daily, I invited Harshita to share with all of us how she manages to stay fit and healthy.

CelebrateWoman (CW)
Have you had your weight challenges along the way, especially when you started being involved with your business?

Harshita Lohia (Harshita) Yes. I have slow metabolism. I need to remind myself to eat when I get really busy with my projects.

Staying fit and healthy is my priority. If I want to create for a long time, I need to be healthy and strong inside. Weight loss management has always been a priority to me.

CW What is your Number 1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself?

Harshita My motivation is to have health and vigor in order to keep doing what I am. The  tip I use for myself is to eat frequently. I am a vegetarian. Getting plenty of fruit and vegetables is my priority.

Plus I am a believer in physical activity. Being as crazily busy as I am, this can be challenging. Still, I strive to get in shape no matter what.

Oh, yes, plenty of water every day keeps me alive and energetic.

CW Any personal word for all my women readers who go through their weight loss and weight management issues?

Harshita Live your life Stress Free. Is it possible? No. But we have a lot of tools available to us which we need to adopt, adapt to, and exercise in getting rid of stress.

Stress produces unhealthy desires for food munching and eventually makes us lethargic and inactive in our life’s endeavors.

I think that food should be an inspiration and fuel for our creative work, rather than being a comfort to mask problems we need to overcome. We eat to be healed, not get unhealthy.
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