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Non Alcoholic Wine Sauces and Jellies for Gourmet Eating

About four years ago, I met an Italian couple whose specialty is non alcoholic wine sauces and jellies. All ingredients and products are made in Italy by the Livio Pesle Family, with old Italian tradition and preparation.

With the first taste of their amazing jellies and sauces, the whole experience is, to say the least, heavenly. As our palletes are not trained for such original, with Italian cultural twist taste, there's no comparison I could give you, unless you taste these products yourself.

What is truly amazing is that jellies are melting in the mouth. And I love it! In addition, all products are healthy with low calories, no fat, except small percentage of crude extra vergin olive oil used in few products only. No other chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors are added to any of Livio Pesle's products

Check out this fact. The average calories per serving are 20-40 which allows a generous utilization of all the products to grant elegant and satisfying extra flavor to your meal.

Why are the non alcoholic wine jellies and sauces good for our health?

In the old days, when only natural remedies were available, the wine was widely utilized to extract the beneficial and medicinal properties of the herbs and spices that were soaked or cooked in it.

When quickly boiling the wine, aromatic herbs, selected spices and vegetables are added so that while loosing its alcohol content, the wine gains flavors and nutritional properties, maintaining intact all its natural 400 components beneficial for our health.

Apple pectin adds to the health benefits of all wine jellies and sauces. Apple pectin is a natural fiber that facilitates food digestion, delays the absorption o f the sugar in the blood, cleans the colon and much more according to many clinical studies about the beneficial effects of the apple.

What foods do you add sauces and jellies to:
Fish, meats, vegetables and casseroles, and even dark bitter chocolate!

Where to buy:
  • Wine Jellies:
  • Wine Jellies and Sauces:
    Marty’s Fine Wines & Gourmet Foods
  • Ask your retailer to order them. The
    importer is Atalanta, 1.908.351.8000
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