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Weight Loss Motivation Tips by Mareya Ibrahim, The Eat Cleaner Creator

These weight loss motivation tips come from a super busy and amazingly successful woman. Mareya Ibrahim of Eat Cleaner shares them with all of us.

CelebrateWoman (CW) Have you had your weight challenges along the way, especially when you started being involved with your business? 

Mareya Ibrahim (Mareya) My challenges were more around making the right food choices. It’s just too easy to grab whatever is in front of you when you’re starving.  But a little planning goes a long way.  Packing raw almonds, freshly washed and cut fruit and vegetables really help you get through the temptation of the vending machine!

CW What is your #1 tip for weight loss motivation for yourself? 

Mareya For me, it’s about maintenance. If you can maintain your weight consistently and not worry about the yo-yo effect, which is so bad for your body, it works out better all around.  Once you train your body to love clean eating and exercise, you live it.  Processed, filler foods become a thing of the past.

CW Any personal word for all my women-readers who go through their weight loss and weight management issues?

Mareya Don’t be sabotaged by fad diets and quick fixes. Maintaining a good weight is not as tricky as everyone makes it out to be.

• Fill your plate with lots of fresh, simply made food. 
• Eat at least one plate of salad a day and learn to love it without heavy dressings.
• Enjoy meatless meals and focus on nutrient dense ingredients, like kale, broccoli, and other greens, as well as whole grains (when it comes to grains, brown is better than white, always!) 
• And drink tons of water with lemon.  If you never drink another soda again, that would be a great thing – even diet is bad for you.
• And make sure to move.  At least 20 minutes every day, get your heart rate up, even if it’s a brisk walk around the neighborhood. There’s never more fun than sharing so, find a friend to support your mission and help each other become successful and accountable.

PS: If you have any questions to Mareya, please leave them in the comments below. She will definitely read and answer them.
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