Friday, June 4, 2010

She Discovered the Secret to Sleeping Babies

Recap: Never go against your gut feeling, especially when it comes to your babies.

After looking high and low, and experimenting in her kitchen, Jacqueline produced her first samples – the prototype of the future Colic Calm.

Without hesitation, she started using those concoctions made of aloe, and peppermint, and ginger, and chamomile on her baby-boy. Watching her own baby responding to these hand-made remedies, she instinctively started to fine-tune her future mom-award-wining formula.
It took time. It took a surreal effort to put it all together. It took love and patience. It gave her baby days and nights without colic attacks. It revealed the answer to future parents with babies who suffered with colics.

Colic Calm was born to bring to Planet Earth peace and joy to every family in need.

Now any baby with colic, infant gas, reflux – any digestive distress can be relieved of all these symptoms in minutes!

If you are the parents of a suffering baby with colic, you want to use Colic Calm. Still need more facts just to make sure this is the right solution for your baby? I do!

CelebrateWoman (CW) Jacqueline, what is the #1 reason someone should buy Colic Calm?

Jacqueline Lawrence (Jacqueline) It is Quality and Efficacy. Each bottle contains 24 doses of Colic Calm. But you can use it on your baby as needed. There’s no need to worry about overdosing.

CW. How is Colic Calm different than your #1 competitor?

Jacqueline. Other gripe waters for babies in the market use sodium bicarbonate, an antacid to relive acid indigestion.

Colic Calm uses Homeopathic remedies to stimulate baby’s body’s self-healing. There are no forced chemical reactions in the distressed body of a baby like in the example of use of antacids.

The Homeopathic blend in Colic Calm is FREE of alcohol, simethicone, artificial flavors and colors, sugar. And it’s gluten, wheat, soy, and dairy free.

Plus, Colic Calm is the ONLY FDA regulated gripe water in the market.

CW. What benefits will a baby receive when taking Colic Calm regularly?

Jacqueline. When given regularly, a baby will be free of colic and gas. The parents will regain peace and calm.

CW. How does the price of Colic Calm compare to others in your category?

Jacqueline. There are not so many items in the gripe water category for babies. We use only organic and high quality ingredients in Colic Calm. The effect on the baby is within minutes. The price reflects the quality of natural and clean ingredients and its effectiveness on baby's body.

CW. Everyone is talking these days about being green and sustainable. How does your company, your product Colic Calm measure up on these important issues?

Jacqueline. Colic Calm is made of only plant-based ingredients that are on the GRASS list. And it is the only FDA- certified remedy of that sort for babies. All of our packaging is made of recyclable materials.

CW. When parents read the ingredient from the label on Colic Calm, what would you like them to notice?

Jacqueline. What parents need to see is that all of our Active Ingredients are all recognizable ingredients, like aloe, chamomile, peppermint, etc.

Also, they will see that Colic Calm treats several baby issues: colic, infant gas, reflux – all by the same remedy in one bottle.

CW. Is it certified: Organic, Kosher, Or Halal, or have any other special dietary certifications?

Jacqueline. We do not have an official certifications yet. We’re looking into all of the above options.

CW. Where can any parent get more details on Colic Calm and buy it?

Jacqueline. If you’d like more information on Colic Calm, I invite you to visit our website You’ll be able to purchase your bottles of Colic Calm there as well.

In July of 2010, CVS will be selling Colic Calm in all of their 7,000 stores nation-wide.
What's next? Jacqueline shares her tips for her weight loss motivation and how she stays healthy and creative under pressure.

Please leave your questions to Jacqueline Lawrence, the Colic Calm inventor in the comments below. Jacqueline will answer them for you.

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