Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weight Loss in Spring

Spring is All About New Beginnings and Evaluations
Flowers define Spring. They strike your eyes with vibrant color. They fill the air with fragrances too-long absent.

Flowers defy the pessimism of Winter, break through the dirt and explode into green before their colors shine brightly.

You were this way, once. All-new, all full of promise, all effervescent about life unfolding in front of you.

You found love in the Spring, deepened romance in the Summer, reminisced in the Fall.

But like so many of us, still mostly-young in body and surely of heart, life has worn you down. It is more about tomorrow than the future, more about survival, making it though the week, waiting for our bank account to re-fill with another check deposited.

Life can get that way when financial woes overcome your centerdness, when sickness or hay fever intervenes and slows you down, when your overweight is all too obvious in the mirror and in your forced-choice of ill-fitting warm-weather clothes.

Deep inside your yearning heart the hope of Spring barely lifts your spirits when too much has overwhelmed, and too little has delighted these last months.

Weight Loss Postponed...
Weight loss in Spring is half-hearted, unlike the boisterous explosion of perennials in a well-planted garden. Hope for a better, slimmed-down body is a low emotional priority, given the reluctant way your excess pounds hang around, despite your repeated efforts to say good-bye.

Then there are those shorts. At some point along the steady progression to warmer days, you know you will be forced to get out the shorts – the dreaded shorts. You love shorts, of course – we all do. But the white chicken legs of winter join your turkey thighs that seem plumper than last springtime. And so you delay putting on shorts until you are forced to by sweltering heat.

No, being overweight is especially cruel in Spring, when you are reminded of too-much-body in all the wrong places.

At least it's nice to feel the warm sun on your face again, and smell the fragrant optimism of Spring's flowers.

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