Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tea Ceremony Time

Today is a Wednesday. This is when Annie, my best friend, comes to visit me. And have some tea. It has become a tradition in my house and home to talk, discuss, brain storm, focus, and relax... with a cup of herbal tea.

Tea drinking is a social experience. It is when you and I allow all concerns and worries drift away. It is the time in the moment when a flavorful herbal aroma strips you and me off any guessing and mind “wondering-around.” It is when the focus is on your breathing. This is a true relaxation.

Annie absolutely cracks down when I open up my wooden tea box with multitudes of teas and herbal flavors. She never fails to comment how crazy I am to stock up on a “zillion-million” (her words) different teas. She is right. I Am Passionate about my teas that I allow into my special tea box.

Wanna know my recent herbal tea additions?
Pukka Teas
These teas are so soft and yummy to the palette. Pukka teas boast of different ensembles of flavors. These are just a few of them:
  • Three Mint
  • Jasmine with Cardamom and Green tea
  • Cinnamon and roasted Chicory

The herbs used in them have been long-time proved to have a wide therapeutic effect on the body.Take peppermint, for example. Its menthol scent is used in common colds, easing digestive qualms, headaches, and sore muscles. Peppermint is also known as a “wake up” herb. Its invigorating scent “awakes” your energies and lets you continue with your daily work.

Annie reached out for her choice of Tea du Jour. It happened to be organic Pure Heart tea bag by Guayaki, with yerba mate, raspberry and hawthorne berry. She’s not afraid to try my selections. And what truly makes My heart happy is that Annie trusts me with my precious tea box (and whatever it holds inside.)

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